Smart Sprinklers are Finally Here

People who love to keep their lawns green and healthy are very serious about this part of their lives. A brown lawn for some is something that should never happen if it can be helped. That is why the ongoing drought in California is such a big deal for these lawn owners.

Keeping in mind the drought, authorities have put a new restriction to use 25% lesser water into effect. This means that many people are going to lose their plush, green lawns due to a lack of watering. Luckily, there is a solution cropping up to counteract this problem. That solution comes in the form of smart sprinklers that are finally here to save the day.

The Wastage of Water

California is a state where 80% of the water is used for agriculture. That is a large percentage of water, and yet most of the rest goes wasted in homes. People like to water their lawns every day, mostly without a concern for the environment, and 50% of this water is wasted due to evaporation and runoff.

The Problem with Regular Sprinklers

While there are already sprinklers that can be timed and controlled, they don’t offer any ‘smart’ features. They need to be checked throughout the day, and continue to water the lawn even when there’s no need. Smart sprinklers are more eco-friendly

With smart sprinklers, lawn owners do not have to worry about timing and checking their sprinklers again and again. Smart sprinklers do everything for them. They have a wi-fi connection to be constantly connected to the internet in order to find out what the weather is like. Based on that information, and the information they are fed about the lawn, they can decide when to water your lawn and how long to water it for.

Saving Water Smartly

The reason for these sprinklers’ popularity in places like California is not just because of their automatic operating capabilities but also because of how they save water. When the sprinklers decide to water your lawn, they will do so in short bursts. This reduces water wastage in lawns because the sprinklers don’t water the lawn continuously, thus saving the water that would have evaporated while it pooled in the lawn.

Instead, smart sprinklers wait for the water to be absorbed into the ground before letting more out. This ensures that all the water being released is used to its full potential.

Expensive, but Worth It

Companies like Rachio and Skydrop have already started selling their smart sprinklers online. However, these smart devices don’t come cheap. Rachio can be bought for $249 whereas Skydrop is more expensive at $299. Both companies believe that once consumers buy their products and start using them, they will see that the long term savings in water bills are worth the price they have paid.

Water is what makes the Earth unique to any other planet. The human race, or any living species for that matter, cannot survive in a world without water. That is why it is becoming more and more important for us to start decreasing the amount of water we are using, and technological devices such as the smart sprinklers can finally help us achieve that goal.

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