Your Wooden Deck Is Seeking Your Care

Wooden decks are a wonderful way to enhance the look of your home. However, these elegant decks only look good when they are properly cleaned and maintained.

There are many people who find cleaning and refinishing a deck to be a tedious task while a few others do not know the right way to go about it. Cleaning a deck is in fact an easy, but lengthy process. The results achieved after the hard work of cleaning are totally worthwhile. Wooden decks can stay beautiful and in excellent condition with the proper care and attention.

The first step is to get rid of the grime and dirt, which settles on the deck over time; wooden decks are often affected by very tiny dirt particles and organisms which spoil their charm. The first step while cleaning the deck should be to get rid of these unsightly elements. A garden sprayer can be used to clean the grime and other harsh organisms off.

After cleaning away the grime, apply a deck cleaner to every nook and cranny of the railings and the deck. Leave the cleaner on for sometime as the cleansing materials in the products help to absorb the dirt, stickiness and oil from the wooden deck very efficiently. After letting the cleanser stay on for the recommended duration, wash the deck with water.

One can also use a pressure washer which releases a heavy force of water ranging from 1000 to 3500 pounds per square inch. A pressure washer is one of the best ways to clean the area efficiently as it will deal with all the problems of dirt accumulation. However, too much pressure of water on one part of the deck can damage the wood area. One must always be alert and cautious about the force of water which is released in the process. 

There are many home improvement stores that offer various attachments along with the pressure washer. A deck scrubber attachment helps to clean huge areas as one of the best ways to clean the deck is by scrubbing it. This helps to get the area very clean and to get rid of very old, persistent and immovable grime.

Once the cleaning and scrubbing of the wooden deck is complete, one must shift focus to any damaged areas of the deck. Repair or replace wood which is severely damaged. Deck screws are needed for this job. Check if there are splinters sticking up, especially on the railings. Splinters can be remedied with the help of a small electric sander.

Now that the cleaning, scrubbing, and repair is complete, make sure to refinish the wooden deck with deck stain or a clear sealer. These are available to help to keep the wood shiny, finished and well maintained by repealing water and dirt. Use a paint brush and evenly paint the sealer on all directions of the deck.

Adopting these tips to clean a wooden deck regularly not only brings a shine to the deck, but also helps to increase the life of the deck. Wooden decks are really expensive and can survive for many years with proper care. Proper maintenance and on time care helps one to save on money on replacement and major repairs. Apart from the financial incentive, it also helps the wooden deck look new, adding an extra touch of pizzazz to your home all year long.

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