Why Burglars Just Hate Lockable Windows

The most common entry point for burglars seeking to enter a domestic property is through an unsecured window.  There is nothing guaranteed to deter a would-be thief more effectively than a securely locked and properly fitted window.  Here are some of the reasons why.

Make the Thief Break the Glass

If you can make your windows resistant to damage from leverage or kicking, the burglar will have to break the glass to gain entry.  In general, a thief will shy away from doing this for a number of reasons.

Noise Travels

Breaking plate, or float, glass makes a very recognizable sound that travels a surprising distance especially at night when background noise is at a minimum.  By contrast, toughened safety glass makes a sort of dull thudding sound which doesn’t carry nearly as well.  Laminated glass such as the type used in security doors and windows has a plastic inter-layer to hold the glass sheets together and this also makes very little noise when broken.

Years ago, a common way to avoid the noise made by breaking glass was to remove the glass sheets or glazed units completely by chipping out the putty or glazing beads that held them in the window frame.  If you still have old-style windows of this type in your home or outbuildings, consider having them replaced with modern burglar-proof designs.

Delay the Criminal

Thieves like to make a quick, silent entry and an equally quick getaway.  The longer it takes an intruder to get through your home’s defenses, the more likely he will be to give up.

You can considerably extend the time it takes to break through a pane of glass to reach a window catch or door knob by choosing the right kind of glass. 

Float, sheet, and cast glass all break easily and can be smashed with a brick or even an elbow in a matter of seconds.  Toughened safety glass resists blunt objects but can be easily penetrated if hit with something sharp like a screwdriver.  Laminated glass is also easily broken but the fragments will be held in place by the toughened inter-layer, making it much harder for the thief to get through.

Injuries and Forensics

Even the most determined thief will obviously want to avoid sustaining injury from broken glass.  Most criminals are aware of the forensic techniques at the disposal of the police today. They realize that tiny fragments of glass can easily become embedded in their clothing which could be damning if they are later arrested.  Likewise, traces of blood left on broken glass shards could identify a known offender through DNA matching.

In Conclusion

Your glazing is really the first line of defense against would-be intruders to your home.  Always make sure your windows are fitted with lockable catches and that all your external doors are alarmed.  When you have your windows replaced and upgraded, ask your supplier for advice on the best type of glazing to choose.


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