What Does Your Front Door and Foyer Say About You?

As you drive through your neighborhood, have you ever checked out the front entry of the people who live near by? Their door and entryway can say a lot about them. Ancient Greek architecture and Chinese philosophy both note that the color of the entryway to a person's home reflect the character of the people that reside inside.

The foyer is what your guests first see so make it inviting and interesting. It can denote quaint charm, considered functionality or make a powerful statement in a formal or casual fashion. It can also give a structured, rustic or cozy feel. Think about what you want to say and what first impression you want your guests to have.

There is always a good story behind the choices made in the foyer. A stark white entry with pleasing lighting says you are a minimalist who pays close attention to detail. Or, you might have different framed pictures of family and children's art which would scream family-oriented.

A classic red door is welcoming and denotes good energy. In colonial times, a red door was a welcome sight to travelers and meant a house was home to a friendly family who would not mind putting up a tired traveler.  Pink is a youthful, fun color that says the inhabitants are cheery, lighthearted and hopelessly romantic. Black doors symbolize authority and strength. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the use of corbels and ornate pediments were the elements of neoclassical architecture popular at that time. Neutrality and purity is what the color white on the front entry denotes.

A door with added color shows you are a deep thinker and complex. Compromising with gray symbolizes dignity and knowledge. A multi-colored door, according to Dionysian theory, would indicate that the person living inside is full of creative happiness. Clear glass in the entry way says there is nothing to hide. The absence of true detailing is the mark of modernist with open-mindedness and friendly welcoming spirit. Classic Moroccan architecture is a style that goes back ages. A detailed paint job and vibrant colors, says you are sweet and orderly.

Doors with dark stained wood will go with any exterior paint color. Windows in the door usually means you have animals. This choice symbolizes the simple sophistication of the late 19th century. It says you have a sweet disposition.

There are many options to consider in making the impression you want to make with your front door and your foyer.



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