Ways To Enjoy Your Landscaping This Year

We all enjoy spending time out in our yards. Fresh air and the aromatic smells of flowers and herbs are very inviting. Many work hard to make their yards well manicured spaces to enjoy over socializing or just spending time with the family. There are many ways to landscape along with a number of current trends that are popular this year. Here are a few ideas:

Vegetables in your Flower Garden

Buying local vegetables or picking fresh ones from your own garden seems to make them extra tasty and delicious. It is actually unusual to not have vegetables in one's flower garden today. With many becoming more eco-conscious, this is one great way to embrace that idea. How abou mixing some asparagus plants with your hollyhocks or tomato plants in among the roses? Mixing edibles and ornamentals is a lovely way to blend the two and do double duty in a smaller space. Adding some flower petals on top your regular salad can jazz it up too!

Butterfly, Bird and Bee Gardens

What garden is complete without a birdbath? Most birds enjoy shallow water so a mini pond in an old basin or an ornate birdbath is a very nice addition to your garden. Water features are so soothing and relaxing as well.

With the decline of the bee population, many gardeners are putting in plants that will attract bees, birds and butterflies, providing them with food resources and habitat areas. Violets will bring butterflies as will basil. Phlox are a lovely bush with nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds.

Native Plant Gardens

There is a popular movement towards utilizing the natural flow of your home design in your garden. Growing native plants in the garden is popular as well. From New England asters to the bleeding heart of the northeast, there are many to choose from. Don't forget trees and shrubs for a boundary choice to give you privacy and keep out dust. Incorporate native plants and grasses with your existing planting design for an attractive combination. Check with your local nursery to be sure of plants that are native to your area.

Seating and Kitchen Areas Outdoors

The outdoor space that you create can be as cozy and elegant as any indoor room. Seating areas as well as outdoor kitchens are currently very popular. With lawn furniture in trend-setting fabrics and fibers, you can make a comfortable and modern room on the outdoor patio or mid-garden expanse. Outdoor kitchens can be created with stone counters and metallic appliances that make for a functional and visually appealing space. Adding lighting like LED landscape lights, torches or even a fire pit can make the area even more cozy and inviting.

In Conclusion

Eye catching landscapes are a natural way to expand your home outward. There are several trending ways to do to this. Whether it is taking the kitchens outdoors, making a nature sanctuary for birds, bees and butterflies, utilizing native plants, or mixing vegetables in with your flower plants, the important idea is to incorporate a fashionable space that you will enjoy using.



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