Wallpaper or Paint? That is the Question

Decorating the walls of your home using either paint or wallpaper can completely transform your interiors. You can easily turn a room from dark and heavy to airy and smooth by simply applying a light, pale paint color. And conversely, if some of the rooms in your home feel too big, hang new darker toned wallpapers with some striking pattern. As with every other home renovating job, restyling your interior walls requires a certain plan careful consideration of the pros and cons of every aspect of painting or wallpaper hanging.

We are about to consider the level of difficulty when applying and maintaining one or the other and the versatility of your space with your chosen interior design solution. No matter what you choose, paint or wallpaper, not only will your walls acquire a completely new appearance, the entire space will take on a totally new feel.

The Preparation Before Using Paint or Wallpaper

Are you aware of the time needed for preparing a wall for painting or wallpaper installation? If you just moved in to a new apartment or home and you are starting with bare walls, then you can move straight to the next tip, because you won't be needing this first one.

Wallpaper: It's extremely hard to remove existing wallpaper. For this, you'll need the right equipment and tools, so that the job is done properly and effectively. If you are planning to deal with this on your own, you should arm yourself with patience and prepare for some disappointments. You can also go with professional decorators who use special chemicals and stripping tools for better results when stripping wallpaper. Make sure whoever you hire is well trained and careful with their work, otherwise your wall may be seriously damaged. Wallpaper application is not child's play either, so ask a licensed decorator for instructions or hire one to do the task for you.

Paint: Before applying the first layer of paint, you should first make sure that the wall is not cracked or damaged in some way. If it is, first call a trustworthy handyman to take care of this and repair the imperfections with spackle; the spackle must be left to dry for at least 24 hours. The preparations of walls for painting are less than those for applying wallpaper, but this doesn't necessarily mean that painting is that much easier. Competent painters usually apply primer before applying paint over a darker paint color. This step makes the painting process easier and smoother.

Options and Persistence

There is a wide variety of styles and colors for both paint and wallpaper available on the market. When it comes to paint you can choose amongst different sheens and glosses. Wallpaper can also come with different surfaces including paper or vinyl, which adds a nice finish and durability.


  • (pros) There are many wallpaper alternatives that are resistant to children's wear and tear and are easy to clean.
  • (cons) Wallpapers are not good for bathrooms and kitchens, because it can start peeling from the regular moisture in the room. This is due to the fact that wallpaper is usually applied with a water-based adhesive.


  • (pros) The application of paint is easy and quite affordable compared to wallpaper. Of course it depends on the particular finish. Gloss paints are more persistent and suitable for exterior doors and trim. Other finishes have other attributes.
  • (cons) It's not pleasant when something or someone damages your wall by scrapping or hitting it. When this happens your wall will need repairing and repainting.

As already mentioned, there is a wide variety of finishes and colors of paint and wallpaper available on the market. Wall finishes are quite customizable, making the the home decorating process so exciting. Even the choice between paint and wallpaper is a step to personalizing your home. The second step is to choose the finish and color that suits you the most. You can even decide to combine the two with paintable wallpapers that are available.


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Wallpaper or Paint? That is the Question

Decorating the walls of your home using either paint or wallpaper can completely transform your interiors. You can easily turn a room from dark and heavy to airy and smooth by simply applying a light, pale paint color. And conversely, if some of the rooms in your home feel too big, hang new darker ...

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