Top Do’s and Don’ts of Window Cleaning

Don’t use newspaper or scrunched up paper towels with spray cleaner. All this does is push the dirt around. Not only that, it will add a positive static charge to the glass, attracting more dust.

Do use warm water with a mild detergent, a large soft sponge and a squeegee. The right tools for any job make it far easier.


Don’t scrimp on the water and detergent. If you don’t use enough, you will leave dirt particles on the glass that get stuck in the squeegee and may scratch the surface.

Do make sure you wipe dry all the rubbers, frames, and sills. Any wet grime left on them will only end up back on your glass.


Don’t use a razor blade to scrape off stubborn dirt such as insects or leaf litter stuck to your windows. Modern glass often has a coating on the surface that can easily be scratched with a blade, especially if you go back and forth, as tiny grit particles can get stuck in the blade.

Do just wash that area again with lots of water and the sponge. It will come off with soap and a little elbow grease.


Don’t start at the bottom windows. As you go higher up, any dirty water will run down the building onto the windows below and ruin your hard work.

Do check wind direction. This might sound a little over the top but soap suds can travel in the wind. You don’t want to clean a window only to have suds blow onto it when you do the next one.


Don’t wash your windows in baking hot sunshine. The dirt will be much harder to get off and the windows can start to dry before you get to squeegee them resulting in smeared glass and wasted effort.

Do if possible pick a cloudy cool day. The dirt on your glass will not be baked hard on a day that is a little moist and overcast. Believe me when I say if you have a lot of windows, you will be far more comfortable doing the work on a cool day. Sunstroke up a ladder is no fun.


Don’t even attempt to clean your windows if you haven’t got a good ladder. Trying to clean windows off of a rickety old set of steps is asking for a trip to the emergency room.

Do call a professional in. Window cleaners are so reasonably priced these days, why go through the hassle yourself?


By taking heed of these top do's and don'ts of window cleaning, we hope your next window cleaning project will be a success. Window cleaning isn't as difficult as you may think but there are some common mistakes that people make time and time again.

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