Top 4 Home Improvements That Will Lower Your Electricity Bill

If you have a problem paying high electric bills at the end of the month, you could do a few modifications in your house to lower these bills. Most of the ancient houses have inefficient heating and air conditioning systems which lead to wastage of energy and high energy bills. If you are keen enough to replace such appliances with energy efficient systems, then you are sure of saving a lot in terms of electric bills. You can also try using alternative sources of natural energy which will help lower the use of electricity in your house. The following are top 5 home improvements that will lower your electric bills:

Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the cheapest yet best ways of reducing your electric bills. You can either buy complete solar panels from the shop or buy the various parts and do the installation all by yourself. However, you will have to make use of a guide for experts on the installation process. Solar panels tap solar energy form the sun and convert it into electricity which can be stored in rechargeable batteries. The stored energy can be used to complement electric energy from the grid system hence reducing your monthly bills.

Using Energy Saving Bulbs

Most bulbs which were used in the previous generations produce great deals of heat and this leads to high power consumption. However with the introduction of energy saving bulbs, you can save a lot of energy and lower your power costs. The bulbs produce minimal heat and are energy efficient. They produce much more light that the traditional normal bulbs and last ten times longer. Installing Double Glazed Windows The double glazed windows play a very vital role in reducing heat transfer into and out of the house. They prevent loss of heat from the house during the winters and transfer of heat into the house during the hot summers. They are made of two panes with an air space between them which is filled with inert gas. The inert gas acts as an insulator and is responsible for the insulation properties. By the end of the day you will have lower electric bills and reduced frequency of using heaters or air conditioners.

Equipping the Air Conditioners and Heaters With Thermostats

A thermostat is an electric equipment which is used to control the working of heating and cooling systems. It automatically starts the systems once a certain temperature is reached and automatically switches them off when the set temperature is exceeded. They will therefore switch off the heaters and fans once the desired temperature is reached and prevent energy wastage.

Using Human Presence Detectors In Various Parts of the House

In most cases you will find that someone left the bathroom lights on, forgot to switch off the fan or forgot to turn off the heater when leaving the house. Such cases can lead to high energy consumption and can be prevented by using human presence detectors. The gadgets will detect when someone leaves the room and automatically switch off all the electric appliances which are not in use. This will help you realize lower electric bills at the end of the month.



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