Furniture Design Software: Do Amazing Things With These Options

For those of you who have some experience designing furniture, but perhaps have been stuck in a rut for some time, check out these advanced computer programs created for builders like you.

1. PRO100:

This program by Écru lets you create furniture of your own design for various purposes such as living room, kitchen or bedroom use. You can also choose from a massive catalog of basic furniture pieces to assemble new ones, or get inspiration from whole models and build on their designs.

Do all this with 3D objects that you can manipulate with ease using a mouse. There are also helpful toolbars to fully get a preview of the end product before you actually build the furniture. You don’t even have to worry about costs as the program also gives you a full rundown of prices and required materials to complete your projects.

2. ViaCAD 2D/3D:

Punch Software is well known for its line of home design software, among which is an impressive one for furniture design creation. ViaCAD allows you to draw up measured pieces of furniture through its customizable interface and intuitive controls. You can check your current project in both 2D and 3D views instantly even in the midst of the creation process.

Its cross-platform capability also lets you import/export 3D objects from/to other design programs, giving you so much freedom to work with whatever, wherever. You can even get some tips in the tutorial videos with over 90 minutes of helpful footage.

3. SketchList 3D:

This easy-to-use software is more accessible to traditional builders with not much experience working with computers, although it just focuses on wood furniture. Like the previous two programs, it also allows you to work with 3D objects to assemble just about any kind of furniture.

You can indicate exact measurements with a plan and a 2D drawing, copy pieces for multiple uses, customize their shapes, create a virtual space to fit in parts, and so much more. The software comes in two self-explanatory versions – Hobby and Professional – and you can choose whichever matches your level or preference.

4. Google SketchUp:

This program by Internet and software giant Google is mainly used for architecture and interior design, but it can also be utilized to create furniture. You can draw flat shapes and “pull” them to give them depth, then stick or stack multiple shapes together to come up with simple pieces of furniture.

This can be more tedious than the methods used in the previously mentioned dedicated software, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can just download this totally free program.

Learn to take advantage of technology available to everyone, and you’ll be reaching new heights with crafting amazing furniture.


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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