To Spring With Love: Spring 2015 Cleaning Tips

It's that time of the year when the cool breeze dances outside your doors and windows waiting to be granted the right of entry. Spring is here, and her arrival brings about the ideal conditions to get started on some much needed housework. Although it may seem tough to achieve a thoroughly cleaned and uncluttered house this spring, it isn't. With teamwork and a little outside assistance, the rejuvenation of your home, and the people inside it, is possible.

Identify The Essentials

Once we know everything we need to reach a goal, the process is much easier. Identifying the essentials layouts everything needed to get the house in order. A list of essentials would include: cleaning products, cleaning tools, lists, boxes, bags, gloves, and helpers.


Write out a list of of rooms. Create realistic dates and time lines of when each member of the house will be available to clean. Break into teams and have each team member sign their initials next to the room they are willing to help clean. Once team x is done with one room, team y can maintain the room previously completed by team x, and vice versa. If you're short on helpers, you can always enlist friends and outside family members.


With your teams set, you can begin to clear out all the clutter that's been piling up in the house. Each team member can have two boxes; one for the things they want to sell, and another for things they want to donate. Once everything has been sorted out, arrangements to sell and donate the items can be made. You can find sources for getting rid of clutter and ways to sell and donate your belongings here.

From Top To Bottom

Start with areas least frequented in the home; you will stay motivated to continue once you feel the relief of clearing an area without others coming right behind you and messing it up. Then, proceed to deep cleaning more common areas. Established teams should bring all products and tools necessary to get their chosen rooms thoroughly clean. One member from each team will sweep and dust as their other team member does other chores like scrubbing and mopping. Finding a duster that doesn't push dust around is key, so be mindful of which dusters you purchase. Additionally, micro cloths are great for dusting ceiling fans, baseboards, and hard to reach areas. For dusting tips you can read this post.

Sanitizing and getting dust out of carpets and furniture like couches may require some extra help. Since you're trying to clean the whole house, a rented carpet cleaner by be tedious but worth the invested time. You can also bring in a team of professionals which could prove to be more convenient. Look into professionals as an option for some outside assistance with dusting and deep cleaning your house.

It's All Green

With the all the toxic chemicals in household cleaners, green products are the go-to cleaning aids for many families. It is important to research and make sure the green products you buy are actually free of toxic chemicals. A wonderful site providing information about green cleaning is this one. For the safety of you and your family, these products along with your own homemade toxic free mixtures, is the best choice for cleaning your home. Now you can open the windows to let in the cool breeze, rather than let out the toxic fumes.

The Pay-Off

Overhauling your entire house is like overhauling your entire life. But when you find yourself bonding and enjoying time well spent with your family, it becomes clear that what really matters is the people that live in it. Spring cleaning is but a way to represent how much you value each others' happiness and well-being. When it comes to your family life, there may be nothing more rewarding than that.


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To Spring With Love: Spring 2015 Cleaning Tips

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