Tips For Choosing Room Colors For Your Home

It is amazing what a color can do for the mood of a room, good and bad. To get it right put together a portfolio of you like and what inspires you to help in choosing new colors for a room. It might contain a favorite painting, a scene from a favorite holiday, or the color of someone's eyes. Perhaps the colors used in someone else's home had an impression on you and left you wanting to recreate that look and feel in your own home. Here are some basics to help you choose the right colors for a room:

Some Basics to Consider in Color Choosing

Yellow is a great color for a kitchen. Red is dramatic and great for a dining room. Black and white add elegance and drama. Blues are relaxing in soft tones, good for any bedroom. Greens are typically very calming and tend to bring the outdoors in.

When you begin to choose a color for a certain room you want to ask yourself these questions: 

What will this room be used for?

If a room will be used for entertaining you will want to use a more dramatic color like black. Rich purples and deep colors are great for these types of rooms. If the room is a teens bedroom or one that your want to evoke cheerful energy, orange and yellow are great. Orange is a powerful color so be careful in implementing it. If you are wanting to make a room relaxing, you want to choose cool colors like aqua, cool blues or soft greens. Neutral and warm tones are good for a room that you want to feel more casual. To create a cozy and inviting vibe, choose warm tones.

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? What words would you use to describe the personality of the person using this room?

"Friendly" brings to mind a sunny yellow or red; cheerful colors are bright ones like orange or yellow. "Romantic" colors include tones of cream, pink, and lavender. To create a space for a "relaxed" personality, go with neutrals, tans, or perhaps a pastel blue or green. "Sophisticated" colors are black, white, or deep purple.

How much natural light will this room get?

In a room where you get a sufficient amount of natural light, use deeper, richer tones. Greens and blues can be used nicely too. Lighter colors can also work, even using white.

You will want to brighten things up in a room that have limited natural light. Use bright, cheerful colors to do so; yellow is a good choice to consider.

In a room with almost no natural light streaming in, you will want to reflect whatever light is available by using very light color or white.



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