5 Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Free Spring Makeover!

Your bedroom is the place you spend most of your time. Is your bedroom also neglected when you decorate your home? Need a new look? On a tight budget, and have no money to redecorate? No problem. Redecorate your bedroom for free! Here are five free decor tips for your bedroom this spring.

1. Rearrange.

Take the time to rearrange your bedroom. Move your bed into a new location. Try different angles with your furniture. Try placing your bed diagonally in your room to change the look. For a really different look, place your bed in the middle of your room.

2. Add a little color.

Adding color to your room changes the feeling you get when you walk inside. Use some of your scarves, tablecloths ,or even pillow cases to accent your room’s color scheme. Use a printed scarf on your dresser top to soften the look. Add a shawl to the foot of your bed. Adding throw pillows on the bed accents your bed and gives it a warm feeling. To change the colors of your throw pillows, use different fabrics to wrap around them and attach with safety pins. This way you can change your colors weekly always giving your room a new look and feel.

3. Brighten your room with plants.

Adding some household plants to your room, gives it a warm feeling. To add to your decor, use an old teapot, coffee cup, glass bowl, or baking dish. Find a plant around your home and transplant it to the bedroom. Many outdoor plants grow well inside your home. Try adding some ivy or other shaded ground cover plants to your boudoir.

4. Change your photos and add memorabilia.

Give yourself a smile when you walk into your bedroom and see photos of your children when they were small. Place a few photos around your room of your children growing up. Fond memories and good times always brighten the day. If you have kept your wedding veil, use it to decorate your headboard. Another great idea to add warmth to your new bedroom is to frame your wedding invitations or some old love letters. What a warm feeling you will get when walking into your room and reading one of his old love letters.

5. Add some potpourri & fresh flowers.

Add a new smell to your room from homemade potpourri. Each week you can change the fragrance. Use an open bowl and cut some orange peels and let them dry, for example. Add a pinch of cinnamon, ginger, or allspice to the dried orange peels. The potpourri adds freshness and inspiration to your room. Another idea is to cut fresh flowers and put them in your bedroom. During the summer months, cut fresh roses and other scented flowers to place next to your bed.

Julie Sinclair

Julie Sinclair

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