10 Simple Steps to Maximize the Selling Value of Your Home

My husband and I purchased a "fixer-upper" a couple of years ago as our first home. Our hope was to make a profit from renovating the house when me moved on to our "forever home". The sales market in our area has skyrocketed, making it a great time for us to list our house for maximum profit. During the listing process, we received some feedback from our real estate agent about how to maximize the profit of our home in a competitive market, many of which were small details that we hadn't even thought about.

Here are ten simple steps to maximize the selling value of your home!

- Clean, clean, clean!: While this step may seem like an obvious one, it sometimes takes a fresh eye to see clutter that you no longer see. We have small crate that holds mail on our hallway table that our real estate agent cringed at! Grab a few friends and ask their opinions. The less clutter, the better.

- Eliminate signs of pets in the home: We treat our two dogs like they're our children, however not all buyers have the same feelings towards animals. For listing pictures, remove any animal toys, food dishes and the like from the floors. Some buyers will associate pet accessories with smell or mess, and you do not want to deter anyone from booking a listing in your home.

- Freshly painted trim: Painting trim can feel like a burden when you factor in taping, painting and cleaning up spills, but freshly painted trim helps to make your walls pop. Buyers may have their own ideas in mind about the wall colors that they prefer, but freshly painted trim eliminates one item off their to-do list. While you're at it, paint your doors if they need a pick-me-up.

- Hide your laundry: A full laundry basket reminds buyers of work. If you have a laundry basket with an open top, store your laundry in the washing machine for showings. If your laundry basket has a lid, make sure that it is closed and that no clothes are bulging out.

- Organize: While it would be nice to hide all of your clutter behind closet doors, you never know what a buyer will want to look at during a showing. Our bungalow doesn't have a ton of storage space, so organizing our cupboards and closets really helped to maximize the space that we had. Buyers will be turned off if it looks like you don't have enough room to store all of your belongings.

- Staging: Even though you still live in your home, buyers don't want to see evidence of your nap on the couch or what you had for dinner. Fluff up all of your pillows, sweep up dust, and keep dishes clean and put away. I'm notorious for making my bed after work or for leaving dishes in the sink until I have a few things to wash. Especially if you have a large number of showings booked, you will need to stay on top of these little details

- Throw away garbage: Even if your garbage bag isn't quite full, store it outside in your garbage bin during any showings. No buyer will want a whiff of those five-day-old items that are starting to smell a little funky. Particularly in our house where it is just the two of us, we don't go through a garbage bag quickly enough to eliminate this problem. Similarly, make sure there aren't garbage bags lying around. If necessary, take a trip to the dump to get rid of anything you no longer need. 

- Touch ups: Have any paint chips in the walls? Cover them. What about chips in your flooring? Fill them. These finer details reduce the work that buyers see in your home. You may not see these details anymore, but they will stick out to a potential buyer.

- Transition strips: Aside from the front entrance of our home, we had completely overlooked the use of transition strips! Ensure that every change in flooring has a transition strip present to ensure a finished look.

- Wash your windows: Clean windows make buyers feel relaxed. Especially with the sun beaming through, buyers don't want to see the dust or fingerprint buildups.


Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons



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10 Simple Steps to Maximize the Selling Value of Your Home

My husband and I purchased a "fixer-upper" a couple of years ago as our first home. Our hope was to make a profit from renovating the house when me moved on to our "forever home". The sales market in our area has skyrocketed, making it a great time for us to list our house for m ... ...

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