Smarter Choices to Personalize Your Home

Your home is so much more than just a place where you hang your hat. It's more than just a refuge. It's also an extension of who you are.

All of us have the natural desire to make our homes as comfortable and pleasant as possible not just for ourselves but for our guests as well. It's understandable why a lot of people go through such lengths to attain that certain look which has a universal appeal, and by that I mean beautiful, elegant, organized, cozy, inviting, or simply just neat and tidy.

For those of us who lack the creative talent, we turn to professionals for help. While this is a quick and simple solution to instantly make your home look like it jumped straight out of a magazine, you'll have to be ready to part with your hard-earned cash. You might want instead to conserve this cash to buy new furniture and accent pieces, or do minor renovations.

With the information that we have today, you can pick up simple and inexpensive, maybe even free, tips to give your home that desired look that you long that you've seen on the Internet or different media sources. Some of these tips are so basic and have been used by so many others that chances are your friends could even be your source for interior design tips.

Tips for a Spruced-up Home

There are so many tricks to sprucing up your home that you can get entire books about it. Let's just go through some basic ones to get started and not overwhelm ourselves with all the tiny details like measurements and stuff.

  • Color and Lighting

Choosing the right color and strategic placement of lights can go a long way in dramatically improving the aesthetics of your home. The elements vary depending on what kind of space you have to work with.

For a smaller space, go for lighter colors. This will give it a bigger and more airy feel. For bigger spaces, using different colors to define different areas of your home such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen can help give some depth.

It's good to have a home with a fair amount of windows to allow more natural light to enter a room. A brightly lit space is more inviting and cheerful, not to mention better ventilated. If you only have a few windows, don't cover them up too much with big or dark-colored curtains.

Light placement need not be restricted to what we're traditionally accustomed to like a central position on the ceiling. Lights can be placed along ledges, walls, or even strategically placed on the floor to give a sophisticated look.

  • Furnishings

Of course, if you have a small place, try not to clutter it with too much stuff. Not only will you end up with more room to move around but it'll also look more organized.

Simple tricks like getting the right-sized bed for your bedroom can do wonders. Having a bed that's too small for a room makes it feel like a smaller room as well as bare.

You don't need to buy a new set of furniture to make your home stand out. If you have any old family heirlooms, you can mix and match these with any new purchases you make. This adds personality to your living space.

  • Visuals

You may also want to try the time-tested trick of using mirrors to make a space seem bigger. Not only does it make a room seem bigger, it gives it that clean look as well.

For decorations, don't go rushing up to the store just yet. Look through your old stuff and see if there's anything that can be used.

For a bare wall, you can hang picture frames, family portraits, or paintings to make it look livelier. Even simple details like properly spacing pictures or mixing frame shapes add depth.

Feel free to mix and match patterns for covers and pillows. By occasionally changing covers, you can change the tone of a room. For example, you can change the covers for your chairs and pillows in the living room to highlight Christmas or seasons like spring and summer.

Want more inexpensive or free decors to spruce up your home? Try using plants. Not only do they look good, they help purify the air as well.

There are many more tips for a more personalized home. You don't have to spend a lot or even go through too much hassle to attain that look you want. Just remember that it's all about details, details, and more details.

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Smarter Choices to Personalize Your Home

Your home is so much more than just a place where you hang your hat. It's more than just a refuge. It's also an extension of who you are.All of us have the natural desire to make our homes as comfortable and pleasant as possible not just for ourselves but for our guests as well. It's un ... ...

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