Six Simple Tips To Let In More Natural Light

If you have found your home has less than ideal lighting, you may be looking for ways to let more natural light into your home to remedy the situation. Natural light provides vitamin D, eliminates stress, and helps the home to feel more inviting. Here are a few tips on how to get more natural light in your home.

Check Your Windows

Believe it or not, the windows in your house may not be letting all the light shine through. Glass can become warped and foggy over time, especially if the product was not of high quality to begin with. Invest in new Gilkey Windows to allow maximum natural light inside the home. There are many different sizes and styles that are available.

Examine your Window Treatments

Heavy curtains have a time and a place, but if you are trying to invite the sun in, you may want to reconsider the thermal wool shades. Even if you have them opened as wide as possible, they are still creating a barrier on either side. Replace them with something more flowing and, if possible, sheer.

Decorate with French Doors

Interior rooms or those that do not get direct sunlight in the afternoon often feel more dreary. Brighten them up by replacing solid doors with French doors that allow the sun to shine through, no matter where the room is located.


Even if you do not have a cabinet directly in front of a window, having it too close on either side can block some of the sun from streaming in. Make sure that no furniture is casting shadows inside your home.

Lighten Up

Allow the natural sunlight to be reflected off lighter colors in your decorating. Dark colors will absorb the sunlight while more neutral tones in lighter shades will spread it out throughout the house.

Have Fun with Mirrors

You may not have considered putting up mirrors in rooms that aren't for dressing, but a few well-placed mirrors help the sunlight to bounce around from room to room. Hanging up a mirror on the wall opposite of the windows will literally double the amount of natural sunlight that is in the room. Hit up second hand stores for some glamorous framed mirrors for a chic way to dress up a room and brighten it up at the same time.

You will be amazed by the increased energy level and overall happiness in your home when you invite more sun to shine in naturally. With these simple steps, you can feel the beaming sun from the comfort of your couch.

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