Call in the Pros on these Six Home Renovation Challenges

Whether a homeowner is in a new house or an older one, he or she will entertain the idea of remodeling or renovating at least part of the house at some point in time. One of the first things that a homeowner learns is that paint and trim can hide a multitude of issues and problems that they were not expecting. Many of the most problematic situations are hidden inside walls or under the floor and the project may not turn out to be as simple as the DIY shows make it seem. Some of the problems are predictable and usually require a degree of professional advice or work to complete the renovation.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing is usually ignored until there is a leak or other problem, or until new piping is needed for a new appliance. Repair work requires cutting through the wall to access the piping, and remodeling may require extensive wall work to add even a short pipe addition. This is not work always for a do-it-yourself'er. Hiring professionals for your plumbing problems can save a lot of time and money, say the experts at A Absolute Plumbing & Heating.

Electrical Issues

Unlike the plumbing, electrical wires are usually run overhead in the attic space and inside walls. Unless the homeowner was present during the construction of the house, few people can determine where wires are located. Cutting into a wall at a random point becomes a risk for severing a service wire or an electrical shock. For safety and fire reasons, electrical work should be left to professionals.

Alteration Issues

Removing a wall to open up a room or adding an island in the kitchen are both highly desirable alterations. However, the lack of knowledge of the structure of the wall to be removed and difficulty of adding utilities to a new space like the island make these alterations much more complex than it appears to be.

Hidden Issues

Even a sound looking house may hide pressing issues behind paint and trim. Almost every room with a plumbing fixture has experienced a leak at some time or another. These often lead to wall degradation, including the wall board and the studs. Insect infestation can also degrade a wall with little sign of a problem until it is a serious problem.

Yard Issues

Both the front and rear yards may appear to be safe work environments for renovations. However, water, sewer, and electrical lines as well as a sprinkler system may very well be buried in unmarked locations. Even adding a fence may create problems as there are often utility easements along the property lines. Any work involving digging should be approached carefully or expensive repairs may result.

Many homeowners have the skills to undertake a renovation project, but without careful thought, even a simple effort can lead to expensive and time consuming repairs. It is always wise to consult a professional before beginning a project. A professional will realize where they can make a difference, save money, and add quality to the proposed project.

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