Several Serious Benefits of Water Filters

Water is essential for the wellbeing of every living creature, as life on Earth is based on it. In addition, over 70% of Earth’s surface is covered with water and about 60% of adult human body is water. Daily intake of 2-3 litres of fresh, clear water will keep you hydrated and healthy in the long run. No matter if you’re into modern or alternative medicine, both support the fact that water is the key to healthy skin, kidneys, lungs, etc.

What kind of water do you use? Are you spending money on bottled water or you are drinking tap water? Are you sure that tape water in your neighbourhood is good enough for drinking? Have you counted your water costs recently? Do you trust water companies at the market? Have you considered some alternatives, such as water filters?

Overcoming Prejudices

Why paying more? If you’re already paying your monthly bills for the water you use for technical purposes, why not to use it for drinking too? Mineralized water is better for human body than demineralized water. Logical proof for this statement is the fact that you can find only water with traces of different minerals in nature. According to this, any water which is cleared from pesticides and other harmful chemicals and enriched with minerals like calcium, magnesium or sodium is good for drinking.

General Benefits of Filtered Water

First of all, the taste and the smell are wonderful because chlorine and other harmful contaminants which can be found in tap water due to industrialisation are now cleared. Taps themselves can contain chemicals such as lead which can be harmful. These filters are tested all over the world and they have been successfully used for many years. Just count how much money you spend daily for bottled water. Multiply these numbers in order to get your annual sum. You will surely be disappointed when get the result. With water filters, not only you will able to save more money but you will be also drinking water of better quality.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

We use chlorine for disinfection not because it is the safest but because it’s the cheapest way. It’s standard procedure in water industry since XIX century. However, in a recent conversion with renowned suppliers of water filters, we learned that that the long term effects of drinking chlorinated water are not so good, after all. The PH value of water is not balanced because chlorine is an acid. It can cause several types of cancer including rectal or bladder cancer.

Preserving Precious Nutrients

You’re not responsible for your health only, but for the health of your children, as well. Water dissolves incredible amount of substances, meaning that it takes valuable nutrients, chemicals, and minerals as it goes through our bodies. Water filters will make sure that water you drink already has enough minerals to begin with.  Every family should have one of those filters in future hoping that once humanity will be more aware of its actions and we won’t need them anymore. Until then, we are supposed to use any available solution in order to provide the best possible health conditions for us and our children.


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