5 Tips to Creating a Gorgeous Garden

Living in a flat instead of a house is definitely much easier on the wallet – you don’t have to think about all costs that come with a house – both from the inside and outside. Roof, gutter, paths, fences repairs together with declining facade maintenance can be a real pain. Add heating and cooling bills and owning a house costs you an arm and a leg! Still, it’s somehow worth it. Watching your kids run around the yard, having friends for barbecue in your back garden or having that first morning coffee there all by yourself and surrounded by gorgeous, magic flowers is something that injects life and beauty into your everyday, sometimes dull life. Yet, given you are no expert – you can’t be sure what all it takes to make your garden a private oasis of peace. Here are some great ideas to get you started.


Having a vision of what you’d like to create is one of the crucial aspects of any planning and decision-making. Do you want something exotic, gentle, or perhaps a lot of greens? It’s all up to you! Yet, don’t forget to think of the climate you live in – some plants simply won’t grow under certain climate conditions. Also, when you start coming up with ideas, you need to be realistic and mindful of the space you’ve got in front of you. Furthermore, think of the time you actually can invest into maintaining the garden. You don’t want to create something beautiful and then ruin it because you didn’t have enough time to keep it alive.


Naturally, plants are a starting point of any garden. We’d advise not to start with anything too demanding in the beginning, especially if you haven’t had much experience with gardening to that point. Also, you don’t have to plant everything right away. Go plant by plant and see where it leads you. Yet, don’t be without a plan – first, plant all big things, first as they take most space. If you have a big garden, you can even plant trees – they will give you shade and fruits (if you opt for trees that give fruits, that is).

Be mindful of the fact that certain plants don’t mix, and they can’t live next to one another. Also, see that you plant in a way that every month throughout the season there is something flourishing. This way, you’ll always have a colorful garden and you’ll have something new all throughout the season. Check out these 6 golden rules for planning a garden.


When it comes to décor, you can go practically with anything you like. Just, whatever it is that you choose, make sure it’s in tone with the overall look of your garden. If you are thinking of having a fountain installed, that’s great – just make sure it’s the first one you set in your garden, because of the pipes and all other things that need to be sorted. Same goes for lightning.

There are also different paver products you can choose from. Concrete pavers are probably the most common type. They can be poured or stamped and are quite affordable, but know that these can easily stain or crack. Opting for more expensive natural paving options, such as granite, sandstone and limestone, is bound to give your garden a vibe of glamor.


When everything about planting is done, it’s furniture time! You’ve got two options here – you can go fully DIY and make a garden table and chairs/benches yourself or you can go to a store and buy something that fits the style of your new garden. Also, don’t get carried away – no matter how gorgeous some pieces of patio furniture look, you need them to be comfortable too. Try them out before you purchase. You’d like to buy a swing set or a hammock? Sure, why not! Do anything that you feel will look and feel great in the garden.


Maintenance comes down to investing a lot of time into keeping the garden the way it looked when you created it. If you don’t have much free time on your hands and your budget allows a bit of splurging, you can hire experts to come once, twice a week and do their magic. If, however, you do have enough time, you need to stay focused on making it look great and stay healthy. Great thing about maintaining a garden isn’t just that you’ll be absolutely proud of it, but it’s also has a therapeutic effect – maybe you’ll quit your yoga classes and enjoy your garden fully!

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