Practical Guide: How to Move an Entire Household in One Day

Is it really possible to move an entire house in one day? The answer is: yes. The key is in organization and thorough preparation. If you do everything right before the very moving day, the moving itself is bound to go smoothly.

Moving service

Decide whether to hire a moving service or have your friends over to help. In any case, make sure that everyone knows their task. If you have really heavy furniture, an important thing to have in mind when choosing the moving service is that some movers charge by volume and others by weight.

Packing and labeling boxes

It is important that the boxes are secure so that nothing falls out or through. Besides taping the box on the top, you can tape its bottom part as well. For some extra safety, pad the bottom with newspaper, or some magazines you don't wish to part with, and safe space in this way. When you're filling the box, wrap each object separately. A good advice is to pack the plates vertically, like records, since in this way they're less likely to break. After taping the box shut, label the content on the side of the box. It is useful to use colour coding or to write where the box goes when it reaches the new home. You'll save time later and won't go mad looking for things. Things you'll need first pack in a different box or container than the rest and avoid tiresome search for essential things like soap, towels or toothbrushes.

Save space

To save space and cut down on boxes use hampers and suitcases for packing. Pack larger items in smaller boxes, bags or suitcases - in this way packages won't be heavy. Also, pack small things in larger boxes, with the biggest and the strongest items on the bottom - if someone drops the box the damage will be less.

Packing clothes

To save yourself from overloading, it is wise to donate or sell things you no longer need or wear. Stop and think; things you haven't worn for a year or more should go. Out-of-season clothing is best to vacuum seal making them easy to carry, transport and store in a new home. If you don't want to take the clothes off the hangers and store in boxes, take a wardrobe box with a rack and just move the clothes from the wardrobe.

Makeup and toiletries

To keep you toiletries from leaking and breaking, use the saran wrap to cover the openings of the bottles and then put the tops back on. In addition, in all the powder cosmetics that can break put cotton pads to cushion the transport.

Unplug and defrost

One day before the move you should unplug all the appliances. However, the refrigerator and freezer should be defrosted and the food removed at least two days before the big day.

Plants and pets

If you have plants in ceramic pots, move them to plastic ones. What you achieve is lighter cargo and saving the pots from being damaged in transport. Pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, turtles, fish and parrots shouldn't be left to the moving services but moved with you in your vehicle.


What people tend to overlook in all the moving fuss is kids. If you have children, you most certainly don't need them running around on the moving day. It is better to call a babysitter, send them over to your parents, or ask neighbours to watch them for you.

The final round.

When everything is put into a moving truck, go for a short walk around the house and inspect it, in case you left something behind. Moving house can be a real challenge; hopefully, these tips will help you get through it easily.

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Bob Gorman

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