Remodeling this Summer? Think Wood

This summer when it's time to remodel, think wood. Adding hardwood floors to your home adds beauty and elegance. The floors are easy to clean with a little sweeping and dust mopping. Add new area rugs to your living and protect your new floors and keep your tables in place.

Choosing your new floors:

Hardwood floors come in various woods and color. When selecting your wood, select a color that will accent your home and furnishing. Select lighter woods to accent your country, present-day, and casual setting. Darker color works best in formal or traditional style homes. Select the wood and color based on your visual preference.

The light woods used in hardwood floor are white ash, sugar maple, and southern yellow pine. The darker hardwood floors are beech, birch, red oak, heart pine and mesquite. The hardest word in the selection is mesquite in the darker woods. The softwood is southern yellow pine in the light woods. When selecting your new hardwood floor ask your store representative how the wood stands up to dents and wear.

Installing your new hardwood floor:

If you plan to hire a contractor to install your new floor ask for references. Stop by and look at some hardwood floor, he has installed. Ask the contractor if he has worked with the wood you select. After the installation, inspect the work. Look at the floor in normal light and from a standing position. Before installing your floor, inspect all the wood the contractor bought. Look for splotchy areas, deep swirls and sander marks. Your wood was poorly finished.. Ask the contractor return the wood before installing in your home.

Cleaning your new hardwood floor:

Clean the floor regularly with a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, mud, grit, and small stones. Only use products recommended by the manufacture for cleaning. When putting your furniture on your new floor put felt under the legs of all pieces. The felt prevents scratching of your new floor. Use non-staining wide rubber cups for piano legs. Never use paste wax on your hardwood floor finished with polyurethane. Clean all spills immediately with a paper towel or damp white cloth. Make sure to dry the area of the spill.

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