New Green Trends

Looking for a new building? Planning to buy a villa? If yes, make sure to consider something very important – knowing whether or not said property is eco-friendly. After all, green building has become a hot trend today.

You may not be an expert, but you can certainly ask the pros. If you are looking at a new property, an apartment or a villa maybe, and you are about 99.9% sure of buying it, it is a good and wise decision to ask first if the builder considered things like:

  • Materials – It would not hurt to know if the materials used in building the property you are planning to purchase are eco-friendly or “green”. You can ask about the quality of adhesives, paints and sealants, for instance. If they tell you that those materials are “organic” or “nontoxic”, you are looking at a property whose builder or designer has an environmentally conscious view point regarding resource management and green building.
  • Building Plan and Design – When check over the building plan or design, pay special attention to whether or not the natural ventilation has been carefully considered. The presence of natural ventilation greatly reduces the use of air-conditioning units you may install once you are occupying the property. In addition to that, utility and public places can be well-ventilated or naturally aired.
  • Energy Efficiency – When considering a green building, one thing you should never forget asking the builder is about energy efficiency. You might want to know if solar power is used or you might need to ask if the type of lighting fixtures installed is energy efficient like LED and CFL fixtures.
  • Water Recycling and Management – With water as an indispensable resource in any habitat, good water management as well as water recycling can help in making your property more eco-friendly. Grey-water recycling can be applied or done wherein run-off water from cooking, bathing and laundry is filtered and then stored for non-drinking or non-potable usage like washing the car, watering the gardens or even flushing the toilet. You can also ask if the water taps and faucets installed are low-flow and will help in conserving water.

These measures are just examples of what to green consideration to look for when building or choosing a property. With these, and many other ways, you can enjoy luxury responsibly.

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