Must-know Safe Lawn Mowing Tips

Keeping lawn grass properly trimmed is one thing homeowners often put on their to-do list. Lawn mowers are indispensable equipment in the house, but frequent use of the grass cutting device can sometimes be a dangerous task, so it is important to take heed of these safety tips when mowing the lawn.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 300,000 people were reported to obtain lawn mower-related injuries throughout the last year. Lawn mower accidents have been becoming rampant, and it should not be ignored. Here are few must-know safety tips for anyone who has a lawn mower:

  • Before mowing the lawn, check the area for sticks, stones and other objects that can be an obstacle when mowing. – Checking your lawn for any object that might pose a risk or danger when mowing, and removing them is one thing you should extremely remember. Sticks, stones, or anything that might be on your mower’s way can result to injury if not taken out.
  • Wear clothes that will protect you. – It is important that you wear something that will not expose parts of your body when doing the task. Wear pants that are long enough to cover your legs and make sure that you have your feet and toes protected by close shoes.
  • Never let your children ride the machine especially when the engine is on. – It is obviously dangerous for young kids to play around the mower. And parents should be reminded not to let their youngsters imagine themselves as passengers of the machine. Do not let them ride it especially when you are mowing. Also do not let them tow behind you while doing the task. Let them stay inside the house until you are done.
  • Never take the owner’s manual for granted. – It is highly advised that every individual with a lawn mower should read the manual first before taking the machine to do their thing on the lawn. Every model is different – their safety features, operating buttons and other things – so it is vital to know and be oriented of it first. The manual will mainly teach you how to operate the mower safely. Taking time to read the manual will keep you from acquiring any mowing-related cuts and injuries.
  • Do not rush mowing. – When you decide to mow your lawn, take time doing it. The task is not intended to be done quickly or in a rush. But if you are in hurry, better let the mowing be done by a pro.
  • Have your lawn mower regularly checked. – To keep your lawn mower in optimal condition, it is important that you have it checked. Routine maintenance is essential in avoiding or preventing injuries while mowing the lawn. It will help you know if the machine is still good to go or not.

It is extremely necessary to know these lawn mowing safety tips. It will save you and your family from suffering any injury and cut related to lawn mowing.

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