Mattress Removal Tip

Nowadays, there is a great variety of mattress types, and what mattress you'll choose depends on you and your requirements. However, one problem occurs with every type of mattress - how to remove it when it's life comes to an end.

It is a fact that every piece, no matter size and type, is heavy and takes a lot of space. Mattress removal is not a job for a one man to do and the mattress removal services are usually much more expensive than an ordinary waste removal job. The solution is to turn your mattress into something that's not looking like one. What do I mean? Bear with me for a bit.

We can divide mattresses in several types - bonnell sprung, pocket sprung, natural fillings, pocket sprung + memory foam, latex foam and other. Separating parts one from another is not an easy job but can save you a lot of money on rubbish removal fees.

The first step is to remove the covering. In most cases, it is some type of cloth which can be easily cut away with scissors or other sharp blade. You can tear the bigger pieces of cloth to smaller and if not possible to reuse, remove them as a general rubbish. Once separated from the covering, it is time to deal with the inside part of the mattress. Mattresses containing metal (bonnel sprung type) are harder to break into smaller parts. Here you will need special equipment like metal cutting scissors or pneumatic cutting tool in order to complete the job. The smaller the parts, the better for the removalists. Sometimes the whole metal construction is not a solid grid, but separated in smaller parts bound together by pins, screws or bolts. In this case maybe a wrench or a screwdriver will be enough to get the job done.

The other types of mattresses are made of softer materials which are easier to cut into smaller pieces. Having an electrical cutter will make your job a child's play, especially if you're dealing with a bigger mattress. If you don't have such a tool at hand, using other conventional sharp blade will also do the trick.

Once the big mattress is separated into small parts of cloth, metal, foam and/or other materials, place everything into dark rubbish bags. It's easier for transportation and will save you many questions. Packed that way the mattress rubbish can be removed at the price of an ordinary junk removal job. That way you'll save a considerable amount of cash on additional expenses. Even if you chose to hire a bin/skip, this method is a good way to reduce the space taken from one single item and use effectively the whole volume of the bin/skip. In fact, the same goes for the “hands on” rubbish removal service and the vehicle used for rubbish transportation.

The only thing left to do is to find a local rubbish removal service, get a quote, make an appointment and get rid of your old mattress for good.


Debra Higgson

Debra Higgson

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