Lawn Shrinking Gets Smarter

It can be wonderful to have a lawn, but it can also take a lot of time, effort and money to look after it. Sometimes, homeowners might wish they could shrink their lawn down a little bit. Well, you can!

Author Evelyn Hadden has recently written a new book entitled “Beautiful No-Mow Yards”, offering homeowners countless ways to cut down on the size of their lawns to use that space for other, equally enjoyable things. If you are able to reduce the size of your lawn by just a small amount, you could save a lot of time and money that would normally be spent on lawn upkeep. Lawn shrinking has certainly gotten smarter in recent years.

One simple way to shrink your lawn a little is to take a look at it and identify the areas where grass might not really be needed. Hadden calls these areas “fragments” and you can easily spot them; look for small or narrow areas or sloped sections where it might be easy to grow some shrubs, flowers, or even place some easy-to-manage ground cover instead. By doing this simple thing, you can easily save yourself time and still make the most of your lawn.

It’s also worth considering the alternatives to grass. Lawns are great for the ecosystem and help to look after the millions of microorganisms that live below the surface and keep the soil healthy, but there are many other plants that have even more positive effects. Trees, for instance, can look after the subterranean ecosystem just as well as lawns, but also offer you some shade in the summer or a place for your children to play and climb. They can also be a great boost for local wildlife, offering places for birds to build their nests and protect their offspring.

You could also try to create your own “garden rooms”, small outdoor spaces for you and your family to enjoy together. You can clear out the lawn, put down some wooden panels and potted plants or fences to privatize the area, and then decorate with some rugs, tables and comfortable chairs. You’ll appreciate these areas in the hot summer months when you and your loved ones can relax outdoors and make the most of the sunshine. If you use shrubs or hedges to fence off your garden room, you’ll also be providing ideal nesting places for birds and other wildlife.

There are all sorts of ways to cut down on the size of your lawn and save yourself time and money while also improving the look of your yard. Lawn shrinking doesn’t have to be a negative thing at all. You can use ground covers to add some variety to your yard, plant trees, flowers and shrubs to make your green space even more unique, and develop garden rooms or other outdoor places like sandboxes or playhouses for you and your family to enjoy. Whatever you decide, you’ll be helping both yourself and the environment, so make the most of these smart lawn shrinking techniques today.

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