It Is Tougher to Move with a Pet

When it comes to moving in to a new house, it is difficult. But it is even more difficult if you need to move your pet, especially the cat, with you. Generally, kittens don’t like change. If it were up to them, they would choose to stay where they’re already happy and settled in. But, at some point in life, moving is imperative and one must be prepared to know how to handle this tricky situation with their cats in order to make the transition as stress-free as possible for your cat companion. This will reduce the risk of the kitten getting lost, hiding, excessive aggression, engaging in unacceptable behaviors such as excessive meowing and soiling the house. Here are some suggestions on how to move in with the cat without causing a lot stress and anxiety to your feline companion.

Prepare in Advance

If your tabby hates being in a carrier--most of them do not like--spend time getting him easy with the process of moving out. Because your transfer will likely comprise of either a car travel or air travel, your cat will tolerate much less fretfulness if he sees the carrier as a safe place. One way to reduce the anxiety in the cat is by feeding it near the open carrier in order to make the carrier the friend of the cat. You can also decide to give your cat special treats near, next to, in front of or on top of the carrier. Training the cat to eat in the carrier is also very helpful way of teaching cats to accept being in a carrier. The next thing to do is to begin packing well enough in advance so the moving boxes can be out and about for your cat to investigate. You can also introduce some fun into the packing process by letting the cat play with the empty boxes for some times. Some cats may react negatively to the empty boxes. In that case, you can spray the boxes with Feliway, a scent normally used to introduce security and comfort for the cat.

On the day of Moving

Now that the D-day has arrived, it is important that your cat is made comfortable. If the cat is resisting going into the carrier, you can leave it with the neighbor to pick it later of you can make it the last thing you move by leaving its toys behind. If you succeed in the taking it with you to your new home, avoid subjecting it to the whole process of unpacking by taking it to a spare room. Offer them some food, water and also surround them with familiar items. Keep the door shut. On the moving day, it is advisable to feed your cat a very light breakfast to reduce stomach upset.

The New Home

Once you have moved into the new house with your pet, it is important to go through the house in search of potential dangers such as sticky areas and unsecure window screens. Make it a priority to make the new environment as secure for your cat as possible. That goes along with ensuring your cat is feeling loved. It is possible that your cat may depart from its usual good manners. Hence, this isn’t the right time to punish it. Just take it easy and allow it to adjust to the new surroundings. Set up a reserve room for your cat so he’ll have a safe and quiet place initially. Things to include in the new room include familiar furniture, enough food, scratching post, toys and litter box

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