Improved Safety and Fewer Injuries in Lawn Mowing

It’s important to think about the safety of yourself and others when using a potentially dangerous piece of gardening equipment like a lawn mower. Most people may be surprised by this, but there are a huge amount of people injured each year by lawn mowers – approximately 80,000 to be exact. This is a colossal number of injuries and many of them can be avoided by taking the proper precautions and making sure that all the parts of your lawn mower are regularly maintained and in full working order. One would naturally assume that the blades of the mower are responsible for these injuries, but there are many other factors at play as well.

The safety science company known as Underwriters Laboratories has revealed the primary risk factors when it comes to using a lawn mower. The number one problem on their list is the risk of fire. Lawn mowers can reach temperatures well above the 200 degrees mark, making them a huge fire hazard. Various large fires around the US have been caused by unattended lawn mowers and this will continue unless people start paying more attention. You should never leave a recently-used lawn mower out of sight until it has cooled down. In addition, take little breaks from time to time, especially when you run out of gas, to allow the engine to cool off and the temperature to fall. Finally, keep your gas cans and other flammable materials away from the lawn mower.

The second major risk factor is your choice of footwear. Too many people mow their lawns in sandals or even barefoot, which is a very dangerous thing to do. Wearing footwear that exposes the toes in such a way is putting you at risk of various accidents that could involve the loss of toes, broken bones and more. In addition, by going barefoot or wearing flip flops, you are more likely to slip on the grass and cause another accident. It is therefore recommended to wear sturdy shoes that offer a good grip on your lawn to prevent any nasty accidents.

The final major danger that mowing your lawn can pose is caused by the blades hitting rocks or debris, sending them flying in random directions at high speeds. The blades inside the lawn mower rotate at intensely high speeds, meaning that any objects they come into contact with could also be shot out at very high speeds. Mowing over rocks or other objects can therefore not only damage your equipment, but can also pose an injury threat for anyone in the vicinity. It’s vital to clear your lawn of any items before mowing and take extra care to search for rocks and remove them.

The majority of people have to mow their lawns on a regular basis, but this activity can pose great risks if performed without taking the proper precautions. Always be sure to remember the risks associated with lawn mowing and take action to boost your safety and minimize your chances of an injury.

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