Importance of Natural Lawn Care

Your lawn dictates the first impression that guests have of your home and a lush green lawn is bound to make a positive and lasting one. A well-kept and opulent lawn also has a calming impact on you and your family. It is also a well-known fact that the plants in lawns help rid the air of carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, making the air cleaner and lowering temperatures in hotter months.

With all the perks that having a lawn brings, it is prudent to know how to maintain it the best way possible. That said, what better way is there to maintain it than to do it naturally? The importance of natural lawn care cannot be ignored because it is a viable way to conserve water as well as ensuring that potential environmental damage caused by chemical runoff from pesticides and fertilizers is controlled.

Aerate the Soil

The ease of making the transition from an artificially kept lawn to one that is cared for naturally makes natural lawn care even more attractive. The first step is to improve the quality of soil because it is the fundamental factor on which your lawn’s health depends. Natural lawn care ensures that the soil receives its nutrients from below the ground as opposed to being chemically fed from above.

Firstly, the soil must be well-aerated. This is preferred by the grass roots as well as the microorganisms that contribute to healthy plants. One way to make soil airy is to use a manual or an automatic soil aerating tool during spring, followed by an addition of lime or other natural fertilizers to the soil if necessary.

Dress it Up with Compost

Another way to maintain healthy soil naturally is to regularly top-dress it with compost. Compost can be easily made with kitchen or yard waste, and also doubles as a 100% organic fertilizer for plants.

Use Organic Fertilizers

It is a well-known fact that soil which is fertilized organically always has the greenest grass. Rather than providing the soil with a sudden dose of nutrients, use organic fertilizers that release their nutrients in a slow fashion. This does wonders for the health of the soil and increases its life.

Let Clippings Stay

Another great way to add free nutrients to your lawn is to let grass clippings remain where they fall during mowing or trimming, as it adds to the organic matter in the soil. However, should the clippings be too thick and wet, it is advised to cart them away for later use.

Studies have shown that lawn and garden equipment emits 5% of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within the U.S., which stimulate health problems and contribute to ozone formation. Another study shows that 60-70 million birds die from pesticide poisoning each year in the U.S. alone. This is why it is so important for you to start caring for your lawn naturally, so that both your lawn, and the world, can be greener places.

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