How to Plant a Beautiful and Edible Flower Garden

I bet you had no idea that there are at least 15 different plants that you can grow in your flower garden that are completely edible. Who says that you can’t have a beautiful ornamental garden while growing food at the same time? 

  1. Native Sunflowers: This is an excellent plant for any garden. The plant will crowd out weeds in your garden and the seeds can be ground to make flour, oil, or roasted and eaten. This is the perfect plant for any garden.
  2. Globe Artichoke: The edible ornamental heads taste delicious and make a beautiful addition to any garden. You can leave a few of the heads to flower which will attract bees to your garden.
  3. Rose Hip: This is a beautiful plant to grow in your flower garden. The rose hip berries are delicious for making jelly, jams, syrup and even tea. This is a wonderful plant to enjoy during the summer months when you sit and eat rose water sorbet.
  4. American Groundnut: This is an excellent plant that produces edible tubers and pea-like seeds. Many people love the nutritious tubers that are similar to potatoes.
  5. Fig Tree: This seems to be a favorite of many people as figs are rather costly to buy in the grocery store. Therefore, it is a wonderful idea to plant a tree in your yard.
  6. Chard: This plant makes an excellent border plant for any garden. It is an annual plant and can add a lot of stunning color to your garden.
  7. Nasturtiums: This is a beautiful vine-like plant that has edible flowers, leaves, and seedpods. The plant is easy to grow and can easily self-seed.
  8. Serviceberries: This is a very beautiful plant to grow in any garden, easy to care for and produces a delicious crop of blueberry-like fruits.
  9. Chives: This is an easy one to grow in any garden. The flowers of this beautiful plant are also edible and are wonderful to add to salads.
  10. Chinquapin: This is a native ornamental shrub that is shade tolerant. The plant produces a small chestnut-like nut that is delicious.
  11. Pawpaw: This is an excellent addition to any garden. The fruit from the tree is not found in many stores because it is difficult to ship and store. However, in a home garden, you can enjoy this fruit that taste like a cross between a mango and a banana.
  12. Elderberries: This excellent fruit makes great jams, jellies, and preserves. However, I wouldn’t suggest that you eat too much of these raw.
  13. Passion Fruit: This is a beautiful plant that has a bright purple flower that blooms on the plant. However, the fruit from this vine-like plant is delicious and makes an excellent juice.
  14. Rhubarb: This is one plant that makes a great plant for any garden as it produces an incredible, nutritious vegetable and adds a point of interest to your landscaping.
  15. Pansy: Believe it or not, the flower of this plant makes a great cake decoration and is wonderful in salads. 



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Julie Sinclair

Julie Sinclair

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