How To Reduce Your Energy Bill With Low Investments

It isn't a big surprise that energy does cost money, but several people greet their bills every month with shock once they see the amount their consumption is costing them. Anything you can do to save energy puts some of the money back into your pocket.

It turns out that most of the biggest ways to decrease electricity use do not require a big investment of money or time. Let's have a look at the 5 painless ways on how to reduce your energy bill with low investments and cut your expenses.

1. Use Your Thermostat

Turning down temperature during winter and turning it up during summer are great ways of making your thermostat work for your pocket. It's recommended that you set your furnace at 68 degrees and the air conditioner at 74 degrees to keep your home comfortable and at the same time reducing the energy cost. A programmable thermostat will let you make your home cooler or hotter during the times when you are away from home. This reduces the difference in temperature between the interior and exterior of your home, which then reduces energy loss.

2. Ceiling Fans

If you've got ceiling fans in your home, turn them on and make use of them properly. Ceiling fans ought to be set to spin counter-clockwise during summer, which draws hot air up to the ceiling and outside the living space. During winter, reverse the setting to make the fans blow hot air down.

3. Install Solar panels

Installing solar panels in your home is beneficial to the environment since that's one less person using poisonous fossils fuels for the purpose of energy. Well, not only do they assist with green energy, but solar panels also help in reducing your energy bill. Paying monthly bills on all of the power you and your family consume could turn out to be a hassle to you and your wallet. Putting solar panels above of your roof gives you the energy needed and helps you save some money as well.

4. Home Electronics

DVD players, Stereos, kitchen appliances, televisions and any other plugged-in appliances use a small amount of electricity even while turned off. Use surge suppressor to put them completely off when not using them, or unplug them until you need them.

5. Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

An easy and quick way of reducing your energy use is to change the existing incandescent bulbs with the energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. Energy-efficient bulbs use two-thirds less energy compared to the standard incandescent bulbs, and do last up to 10 times longer. Using a 13 watt energy-efficient bulb instead of a 60 watt incandescent bulb will lead to a $30 savings in energy bills over the bulb's life. Regardless of the type of bulbs you use, always turn them off whenever you go out of the room. For basements, garages, laundry rooms and other little-used places, consider installation of timers which automatically switch off the lights after a specific period of time.

The aforementioned are great ways of reducing your energy bill with low investments. Saving energy will conserve helpful resources and helps to save money. Try to make energy saving a habit; it's a big move with positive results for both your wallet and the environment.



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