How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Your Home

There are many species of spiders that make their homes in our houses and gardens.  Some countries are home to spiders that can be harmful to humans but most are harmless.  Nonetheless, their webs are a nuisance to any home owner as they collect dust and look unsightly around your home.  Here are a few tips on how to dissuade spiders from taking up residence in your house.

What You Need to Know

Spiders generally seek out dark quiet areas both inside and outdoors.  The most obvious indication of spiders being present is their webs.  Webs come in all shapes and sizes and vary by species from funnels and wheels to random silken screens.  Most are used by the spider as hunting tools with the builder living in a crevice in your wall or woodwork, or even in a burrow.

Some spiders like moist habitats so check out sheds, cellars, and other areas that may be damp.  Other popular hiding places include the corners of rooms, inside wooden beams, behind cupboards, and in storage boxes.

Keep an eye out for silken sacs of eggs.  These sacs may be fixed to a surface, secreted away inside a web, or even carried by the female spider.  If you find numerous sacs around inside your home, you may have a potential infestation problem as each could contain around 100 spiderlings!

Spiders in small numbers are actually quite helpful around the home as they prey on insects, ants, woodlice, and sometimes other spiders.

The prime time for spider problems in your home is in the spring and autumn.  They become more active at this time of the year as mating commences and they emerge from their hiding places.  Many species die as winter approaches although some hibernate until the following spring. 


Although the removal of a serious spider infestation is best left to a professional pest controller, there are some simple steps you can take yourself.

Spiders like to hide in dark corners.  Vacuum thoroughly behind furniture and in corners to get rid of dust and webs.  Remember to take down pictures and wall-hangings regularly so that you can remove any old webs hidden behind them.  Immediately remove any new webs you discover.

Gaps in walls or even underneath doors will allow spiders to enter your home so seal any to deter entry.

Outside, remove any sites that could be used as shelter for spiders.  Log piles, old garden bags, and storage areas make very attractive spider residences as do the corners of your garden shed and other outbuildings.

Use fly screening on doors and windows to prevent a spider food source from entering your property.  Keep lights turned off where possible at night so as not to attract flies and other flying insects into the house.

Professional Help

If you are concerned that you may have one or more potentially dangerous spider species living in your home, consult a professional pest control service.  Most companies will carry out an inspection of your property and will safely eliminate any unwelcome residents that they find.

In Conclusion

Spiders are usually more of a nuisance than a hazard and the simple steps outlined above will help keep their numbers under control.  If you do have concerns about particular species in your home or if numbers are becoming too great, contact your local pest control service for advice.


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