How To Create Your Own Beautiful Christmas Wreath

Making your own Christmas wreath is easy, inexpensive and a great fun way to start decorating your home for the festive season. And it’s something the whole family can join in! It’ll take you less than an hour to make the wreath itself and as long as you like to forage the materials for it from your garden or local park. You don’t need to be fantastically skilled to produce a really good result, but practice does make perfect!

What you’ll need

· A selection of leaves

· Twigs, some with berries

· Some branches from your Christmas tree

· Fir cones

· Cinnamon sticks

· Orange slices; dried for three days before you need them

· Wire rings, twine and wire, gold and silver spray paint (available from a florist, craft shop or garden centre)

· Moss – you can buy this from a garden centre or use a ready-padded ring available from a floristry supplier or on-line

1. Gather your materials

This is where the whole family can help. You can have fun foraging for suitable materials for your wreath just about anywhere from your own back garden to the hedgerows in your local park or along roadside verges. You can choose anything that takes your fancy and adds colour; even garden herbs like rosemary and bay leaves are great and add a lovely scent too.

Remember, if you’re taking material from a public place, only take what you need.

2. The base

Now make the base of the wreath. Take the wire rings and begin to add moss buy stuffing it between the inner and outer rings then securing it in place by wrapping around with twine. Damp moss is important as it will help to keep all the foliage moist and looking fresh.

3. Build up layers

The trick to making your wreath look really full and bursting with colour and interest is to create as many layers as you can. You can achieve this effect by making small bunches or posies of foliage and adding them one at a time.

Use a small loop of wire to attach each bunch securely to the base. Add the next bunch with the top toward the bottom of the previous one, turning each one out so that the size of the wreath increases as you go along. Keep on going until all the moss is completely obscured by foliage.

4. Finishing touches

To finish off your wreath, add finishing touches like holly sprigs or pine cones, berries or bows and perhaps some gold and silver highlights to add contrast to the evergreen background. Don’t forget to include an orange slice or two and a couple of cinnamon sticks.

Hang the wreath up and stand back to take in the full effect. This will highlight any areas that need a little more or a little less embellishment.

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