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Many times, your once well-maintained lawn can become tough to look after. Lawns get hidden and shaded by hedges, hunched trees and buildings which can ruin your beautiful grass in no time. Fortunately,t here are many ways to keep your lawn looking great, despite the hurdles and obstructions, says Lia Leendertz.  

Some of her beautiful lawn is shaded by a big lilac tree which makes that area of the lawn unhappy. Although, lawns do not need constant attention from the sun - even a little mild direct sunlight and heat will keep a lawn green and growing - with no sunlight at all, grass gets weak and becomes more prone to diseases. A lawn with no sunlight on it will start to look dull and dry, making it an unpleasant and a sad sight.

Moss in the lawns is also a problem that can form because of hedges and tall trees. Moss can be dangerous for the grass. Moss dries up the healthy grass making it difficult for the grass to fight against diseases.

However, Lia states, there are a few ways to improve affected spots like hers. The first thing you can do is try to eradicate the what is shading the area of lawn in trouble. However, this is possible only if the hindrance can be removed. Many times, a healthy, established tree could be the culprit and thus getting rid of that is not a viable thought. This was Lia's care; she could not get rid of the lilac tree as it was a very beautiful and mesmerizing element in her landscaping. While completely removing the tree was not a good idea, she could trim trim and thin out the tree, removing lower, hunched, or dead branches to open up the tree to let more light through to hit the lawn.

Trimming a tree also helps to keep the tree healthy and gives the tree an opportunity to grow better. Thus, trimming any tree will help not only in the upkeep of the lawn, but also in the upkeep of the tree. However, avoid cutting or moving the crown of the tree as any disturbance on the crown, or the roots, will affect the tree adversely.

If the shade is caused because of a building, the sun can still shine on the lawn at some point in the day as the sun will eventually would be right above the building. This means that although the sun will hit your lawn slower, but it will surely reach it.

Lia also suggests trying shade tolerant seed mix which is formulated to produce grass that stay healthy irrespective of little or no sun. All you need to do is over seed this grass in the shaded areas of the lawn. This anti-shade mix has several fescue grasses which have strong endurance and tolerance level of shades, lack of nutrients, and lack of water. Shade tolerant mixes are also applicable for lawns prone to dry shade.

Those dealing with damp shade areas should try the seed mix with bent grasses. These bent grasses sustain their health of the grass and strength irrespective of the constant dampness.  

One more effective option for dealing with your shaded areas could also be your mower. Mowers are a great option to get rid of the masses of moss if used on low setting on the moss affected area. The mowing machine helps to get rid of the moss in the most effortless way.

Lastly, if your lawn gets covered with moss because of an immovable tree or property all you can also plant a few trees or perennials in that area which grow well in shade. Doing this will not only cut the stress of getting rid of the moss, but will also make the shaded area look beautiful. Creating a lawn free circle and planting a few plants in the area will help even the shade affected area look well maintained and groomed.                                 

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