Grading and Sodding Decoded

Having a lush green lawn in front of your house definitely adds a lot of appeal to your property. In a world so taken over by buildings that look like artificial impositions on the land, something green and natural to take one’s mind away to a more peaceful place is always appreciated.

Lawns are not easy to maintain, however. They can take a lot of time and attention, which not everyone can give. Laying a lawn for the first time is more difficult than it sounds. You can’t just plant some seeds in the ground and hope to have a lawn the next day. That is why we are going to talk about two very important techniques of getting a lawn almost instantly. These are grading and sodding, and it’s time to decode them.

Grading: For Proper Health of Your Lawn and Your Home

Grading is the first step to creating a perfect lawn. This is the process of sculpting the soil in a way that allows for all excess water to flow away from the foundation of your house. This is crucial because having water accumulate at the foundation leads to rot, which can cause some serious structural issues in the future.

Grading also allows water to properly circulate within your lawn, so that each and every corner is well irrigated.

Sodding: An Instant Lawn

Have you ever seen those carpets of grass that are laid down on top of the soil? That carpet is called sod. It is important to decode and consider using the process of sodding before you decide to lay down a new lawn.

Sodding saves you the time and hassle of planting grass in patches. While many people would say that laying down a lawn in the conventional way isn’t that difficult, it is not very easy to care for it every single day and wait to see patches of grass sprouting from the ground.

Sodding is for the people who want a lush green lawn in a few days. They can start walking on this grass in a very short time as well, as it starts to grow thick and dense within a week of sodding. Choosing a think and well fertilized sod is important, however, so that your lawn can grow naturally and stay healthy.

Grading and Sodding Go Hand in Hand

It is vital to lay down your grass very carefully. Grading is an important starting point for this procedure, and then sodding can take place. Hire a professional to do this, as sodding can be a little technical for the average person to do correctly. Sod can be laid down through all seasons, including mild winters. All of these conveniences really add up when one considers all the time and risk it takes to grow a lawn otherwise.

Grading and sodding are two processes that always go hand in hand. Maintaining your lawn isn’t an easy task, so why not at least grow it easily? Grading and sodding can reduce the formation of weeds as well as pest infestations and erosion. So now that we’ve decoded these processes for you, go ahead and try them!

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