Google Moves into Home Services

For a huge number of people, Google is the answer to everything. No matter what kind of information you need from the internet, chances are that the first thing you do is type in your query on Google. One of the largest search providers in the world, Google has retained its top spot for a long time, and for good reason. Most people trust Google over other services like Bing or Yahoo! when it comes to searching for something on the internet due to its reliability and ease of use.

But what if you need to find a plumber or a locksmith for your domestic needs? Services like Yelp are often used in order to get reliable results for such searches due to the fact that you can search based on your location and you can read reviews on all types of businesses.

Wouldn’t it be easier to find the answer to such needs right within your search usual results though? That’s exactly what Google is aiming to do with its move into the home services department.

Need a Plumber? Google It!

Google has recently started a new program where it aims to promote local service providers like plumbers, locksmiths, and more. The program has been launched in San Francisco, but is expected to see a wider spread in the near future.

Google wants to help users connect with home service professionals right from their typically search results. Users can simply search ‘plumbers in San Francisco’, or something similar, and Google will provide them with their optimized options on the search page, from where they can directly interact with the service providers.

All the Information in a Glance

The ads that come up provide precise information that any user would need. The first thing you’ll see is a photo of the service professional, which is placed next to their location and address, phone number, and their work rates. These would be enough for users to narrow down their choice to one or two results, after which they can simply click a button for more detailed information or to go to the business' website.

Choose and Compare

The best thing about this program is that users can actually compare up to three service providers to make sure which one fits their needs and budget the best. They can view multiple profiles from the search results, and then choose up to three providers and ask them for their quotes.

Quality with Security

Google ensures its users that it conducts a ‘reputation assessment’ on all the professionals that it lists. Reviews from users who have previously used the service in question are also taken into account before listing it in the search results.

In order to be included in this program, all the service providers need to be licensed and insured. Their track record needs to be strong, and they must pass a background check conducted by Google.

After you have chosen a service provider and the job is completed, Google will send you a request to rate and review the professional who helped you. In case of too many negative reviews, the professional in question can be kicked out of the program.

All things considered, Google’s move into the world of home services seems to be a very strong one. It will make it much easier for people to find the services they require, at a price they can afford, from their trusty old search provider. If you are in the San Francisco area, go ahead and give this program a try. If you are located somewhere else however, then sit tight and wait just a little longer before Google extends its program to your area.

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Google Moves into Home Services

For a huge number of people, Google is the answer to everything. No matter what kind of information you need from the internet, chances are that the first thing you do is type in your query on Google. One of the largest search providers in the world, Google has retained its top spot for a long time ...

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