Style Your Home with Fresh Cut Flowers

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home this spring. Add fresh cut flowers as decorations throughout. Don’t just cut flowers and drop them in a vase of water! Creating beautiful flower decorations is simple. Follow these tips to decorate your home as skillfully as a florist.

1. Start with Ferns and greens when making your arrangement:

Clean your flower vase with hot soapy water. Begin by sorting your flowers, Ferns, and greens into separate piles. Next, cut your Ferns and greens to the desired length. Begin by arranging them within your vase. To do this, start by crisscrossing the stems around the vase. The crisscrossing holds your flowers in place. Now arrange your flowers within the vase as well.

2. Making a small rounded flower arrangement:

When making a small, low flower arrangement, start from the outside, working your way up. Arrange your flowers on the outside of your vase. When placing the flowers, crisscross the stems on the inside. Add the second roll of flowers just above the first roll and continue to crisscross the steams around the inside of your vase. The larger number of stems in your vase, holds your flowers in place. The more rolls of flowers you add, the higher they grow until you have a finished rounded floral arrangement.

3. Designing tall flower arrangements:

When designing a tall flower arrangement, never use a small to medium size vase. Select a tall slim vase for arranging your flowers in. Cut your greens and arrange the stems crisscrossed around the inside of your vase. Once you’ve arranged your greens, add your other flowers such as Gladiolas, Blue Delphinium, Lilies and Snapdragons.

4. When arranging your flowers, mimic nature.

Never arrange flowers in your vase where all the flowers are even. This gives your flower arrangement an unnatural look. Mimic nature and how flowers actually grow. Arrange flowers where some blooms stick out, some are tucked in, others are almost hidden, and some are taller. Tucking in some of your flowers contributes to the overall look of your arrangement.

5. Using an odd number of flowers adds to the beauty of your arrangement.

When arranging a small vase of flowers select three or five flowers. Place a group of three flowers together at different angles, but slightly touching around the bottom center of your vase. Arrange the other two flowers higher up.

6. Copy floral design arrangements you like.

Start searching the internet for different floral arrangements you like. The next time you’re shopping and see a beautiful flower arrangement, take a picture. Study the pictures you have collected plus the tips here to start decorating your home. Look at the pictures while designing your floral arrangements. Keep practicing and you’ll be a pro before you know it!


Ann Johnston

Ann Johnston

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