4 Amazing Apps for Home Security

When considering the possibility home invasions and robberies, it's important to protect your home and family. Having some type of security in place will put your mind at ease. These days, thanks to technology, you can check up on the home front with just a click of your phone. You can use your smartphone or table,t even an old computer you may have around the house. There are several apps that are created to be an alarm system on their own, as well as apps that work with a system that may already be installed within your home.

1. At Home Security- Home Security

This app is available through the Google Play Store and Apple. At home Security claims to be one of the most advanced surveillance video systems available as an app. You can take your old computer and transform it into security system. Some of the features of this app include: monitoring on the go, motion detection,and pre-scheduling the system when you're away from home. It can be use for your home or business.


This app Is available through iTunes for iPhone and iPad. You can monitor your home in real-time from anywhere. One cool feature on this app is that it includes an energy manager. It allows you to save energy and stop wasting energy with just a click. The app also allows homeowners to open and close garage doors and keeps taps of activity going on outside of the garage doors.

3. iSmart Alarm Home Security System

This app is available through iTunes for iPhone and iPad. This app allows homeowners to arm, disarm, and monitor in real time anytime and anywhere. One feature of this app is it can alert your family or close friends in case of an emergency at your home. It provides protection for any open doors or windows and if have door(s) or window(s) open yourself you can still arm them with just a simply click. This app is available in several languages.

4. SilentEye Home Security

This app is available through the Google Play Store. The app is super easy to install and use. If you ever have a home invasion it uses your smartphone and takes pictures of the intruded and sends the pictures to your email or my picture messaging. The app continues to work even if the battery on your smartphone is low.

Lastly, the prices of these apps vary, it depends on the features you have. If you would like to upgrade you may want to invest more into creating the perfect system for your family needs and lifestyle. Apps such as these and many others can give you even more protection while you're away from your home. This can be great for the summer especially when you're out of the house for summer vacation, soaking up the sun.


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Jasmine Tisdale

Jasmine Tisdale

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