Fight Against Floor Moisture

The presence of moisture can create a great deal of damage on concrete flooring. Moisture absorption and emission, if not prevented or avoided, can lead to huge problems for both renovated buildings and new projects. So how can builders and building owners fight against floor moisture?

Because concrete is highly porous in nature, it usually suffers from moisture problems. It is also capable of sucking up dew from the underlying ground despite its solid and sturdy properties and structure. The moisture absorbed spreads and goes upward through the concrete slabs or flooring. It is then emitted as vapor or condensed upon the upper surface of the concrete.

Even if concrete has no contact with a moisture-laden ground, it is still susceptible to moisture vapor emissions. That’s because the concrete itself contains water from the construction process. Water is added in order to achieve proper curing or intensify the concrete’s workability.

With the absorption and emission of moisture, a wide array of damages and problems can develop. The damages include blistering and buckling of the covering or surface of the concrete flooring, problems with adhesives, and proliferation of mold and mildew. Injury to the occupants of the building as a result to accidents on slippery floor has also been a problem.

Fortunately, there are already a number of methods to prevent or avoid moisture absorption and vapor emission. Here are a few of them:

  • The migration of water or moisture on the flooring can be prevented by putting slab barriers beneath it. Place the slab barrier or under slab vapor retarders properly before pouring the concrete. This will keep the concrete from being in contact with the soggy or wet underlying ground.
  • Moisture already in the concrete can be prevented from going upward into the floor covering or upper surface of the concrete floor slab by placing dispersive membranes on top of the slab. These dispersive membranes prevent the moisture from being emitted as vapor.
  • Surface barriers can also be applied to efficiently block moisture from being emitted onto the concrete floor covering. By applying the surface vapor barrier on top of the concrete slab, moisture is prevented from passing through.
  • Dehumidifiers are also an effective way to deal with the moisture issues existing in the concrete slabs. Through dehumidification, a sufficient amount of moisture is removed from the concrete, reducing the possibility of emitting vapor.

The problems from moisture on concrete floors may have worsened over the past years. But with these methods, it is possible to fight against floor moisture problems.

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