Do It For Me Takes Precedence

Anyone who has ever set out to undertake a Do-It-Yourself project is aware that one cannot always expect to achieve the desired results. Others might not have the time and, in other cases, the patience to follow the instructions of a DIY project. That is the reason a new trend, Do-It-For-Me, has arisen lately.

Do-It-for-Me, or DIFM, takes precedence over DIY in many situations, as more and more companies provide services where you can buy all the raw material for a DIY project and then get the required manpower and expertise from the company.

DIFM – A Growing Trend

Home Depot, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Sears are all companies that have embraced the Do-It-For-Me trend. Home Depot has a total of 24 services to their customers' avail, including window treatments, siding, cabinet resurfacing, deck installation, and roofing. These services are provided not only to private home-owners, but also to small business owners. Although there have been no overall revelations on Home Depot’s part, the company’s last quarterly report stated that the brand’s DIFM services increased overall business by 20.4% in the fourth quarter of last year. In addition, it is also anticipated that this increase will be retained the following year, with an estimate of a 9-12% yearly increase in core products sale.

Meanwhile, Lowe’s provides a whopping 40 home service categories. The company is expecting DIFM sales to touch the $2.5 billion mark at the end of the present fiscal year, a tremendous increase from its $1.5 billion in the year 2003. Company spokesmen have stated that the DIFM services have a growth rate that is two times more than other traditional businesses.

Another giant that has jumped on the DIFM bandwagon is the top electronics chain, Best Buy. Best Buy has aptly named its Do-It-For-Me team as the Geek Squad, which is always available to help people with their electronic problems.

Sears – A Newcomer to the DIFM Space

Recently, Sears have started a campaign to advertise their services in home improvement, while taking light jabs at the DIY trend. Being one of America’s top sellers in appliance and providing repairs, the company aims to highlight its full set of provisions, such as kitchen remodeling, roofing, HVAC, home-protection services, window installations, as well as many others.

Sears is portraying all of this while also boasting its very own DIFM services, which will be making use of the internet to give people access to not only their products, but also to their knowledge and expertise. This aims to make the shopping process much easier and more streamlined for their customers.

The campaign aims to highlight the misfortunes of searching for appliances, illustrated in the first ad “Cavernous” which shows how other companies might overwhelm customers by providing them with a long list of available products in the same category. This leads to the need for a lot of research on the customers’ part before they can actually buy anything. Sears, through its DIFM services, is aiming to help such people decide what products are right for them.

For years, brands have cashed in on the customers’ penchant for working on their home improvement projects on their own. With the Do-It-Yourself trend dying down, it comes as no surprise that the Do-It-For-Me trend is taking precedence over DIY. It makes more sense to provide the products and manpower under one roof if the customers are ultimately going to have to turn to someone else to have the job done.

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Do It For Me Takes Precedence

Anyone who has ever set out to undertake a Do-It-Yourself project is aware that one cannot always expect to achieve the desired results. Others might not have the time and, in other cases, the patience to follow the instructions of a DIY project. That is the reason a new trend, Do-It-For-Me, has ar ...

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