Despite New Regulations, Your Lawn Can Still Look Green

New water regulations are being put into place to combat the effects of drought and encourage homeowners to conserve as much water as possible. This is obviously an important environmental concern, but people still want to look after their lawns as best they can. Fortunately, for homeowners who want to keep their lawns looking green while adhering to the strict new regulations, solutions do exist. Gardener’s Supply, the fertilizing specialists located in Bakersfield, California are offering the perfect remedy for thirsty lawns for the low price of $6 per month.

Gardener’s Supply offers a specially formulated penetrant-polymer which should be applied to the lawn over a four month period. The price of the penetrant-polymer is just $6 for every thousand square feet of lawn, making it an ideal option for homeowners on a budget. Jason Buss, Assistant Manager at Gardener’s Supply claims that the product allows you to reduce your sprinkler usage to just three days per week. This will essentially help homeowners survive the hot summer months with a lush, green lawn and minimal water usage. It therefore offers the best of both worlds; you are doing your bit for the environment and adhering to the new water restrictions while keeping your property looking great.

So how does the penetrant-polymer work? As the soil dries up due to lack of rainfall and minimal sprinkler usage, it becomes tougher to penetrate, meaning that water cannot be absorbed down into the soil to feed the lawn. This also means that a lot of water is wasted as it rests on the surface and ultimately evaporates, unable to break through the barrier of soil. The penetrant-polymer effectively breaks this barrier and forces the water down to the soil where it can be absorbed into the lawn and keep it looking green and healthy.

Buss claims that this product has been used on golf courses for decades and is the perfect solution for homeowners, allowing them to cut down on their water usage by a significant amount. If you have a Bermuda lawn which is specifically designed to be resistant to droughts, this product won't necessarily be required. However, if you’re noticing some dry spots then the penetrant-polymer will be able to restore your lawn. For other types of grass, the product is an effective and necessary gardening aid. Because of the new restrictions, homeowners are only allowed to use their sprinklers three days per week, so Buss claims his penetrant-polymer will be essential for many lawns to survive the summer.

The new restrictions are an important measure to protect the environment and preserve our most valuable natural resource, water. It’s important to follow the rules, but they shouldn't necessarily prevent you from enjoying the pleasure of a lush, green lawn in front of your home. To keep your lawn looking great, you can make use of this penetrant-polymer solution and rest at ease all summer long.

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