6 Solutions for Common Living Room Issues

Living rooms serve different purposes for different people. For some they are show pieces while for others they are the place where all the family gathers. With either one of these in mind you will want to take care of certain issues. Here are some ideas:

The first thing is to find the focal point in which you will place things around. This may be a window, fireplace or even a television. Conversation areas using furniture is a comfortable way for people to talk to one another. If the room is big you will want to create several of these.

Keep the furniture away from the walls and create traffic flow areas.

Couch and Chairs-

It is always important to measure your space before buying any pieces. Drawing up a floor plan on a piece of draft paper is a good idea. Try putting the sofa and chairs in a few different areas until you find an arrangement that you like and works with the room and size of furniture you plan to purchase.


A great way to establish areas for seating is to use rugs. Don't use one that is too small and be sure that at least the front legs of any upholstered furniture fits on the rug. The smaller pieces should all fit on the rug. Tacking down area rugs is a good idea to avoid tripping, slipping or falling on wooden floors

Fireplace Mantels-

These are often the entire focal point of the room. No matter what you decide to put on it you want it to be well balanced and in proportion to one another. No random choices here. To create depth layer things in front of one another using different sizes and shapes. Overlap those in the foreground with those in the back. Odd numbers are always better than even ones. Like three jars or five candlesticks. Start with largest in the middle and flank the sides with some matching items to make a sort of mirror image. Items should all compliment each other in theme, style or color. Don't use too many or give it a cluttered look.

Coffee Table-

A coffee table needs to serve its function while having an attractive style. Accessorizing it with a few things but clutter the space or use things that will obstruct the view isn't going to work. Whatever you choose for the table they will want to compliment and go together well relating to one another with theme, color, and style. Try to find a pleasing mixture of shape, color and size. Interesting trays with small items on it or a bowl of flowers is always a nice choice. Enhancing the decor and not standing out is important.

Side Tables-

These are actually very important if you are having social gathering. This gives guests a place to set their drinks. One on either side of the couch or between chairs is a good idea. Be sure they are the same height as the arms of the chairs.


Start with empty shells and consider whether you will paint them or even use wallpaper on the back of the shelves. Storing books by size or color can add a cohesive look. Display some horizontal and some vertical that will cause some diversity in the look of the shelves. Use small items in front of the books for decoration. Also try hardcovers, soft and even magazines for different effect. Fill them with items that have meaning and can even make conversation pieces.

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