Decorate Your Backyard with Used Tyres

If you’ve been annoyed every time that you had to dispose of your old tyres when buying new ones, you might be happy to learn that there is a way to find a use for them, and perhaps make the experience at least a bit less waxing. You don’t really have to be a DIY expert, or even enthusiast to appreciate the following tips, and easily implement them in your own little backyard redecoration project.

Improvised Planters

If there is something that your backyard can’t have too much of, it’s flowers and other decorative plants. While you could always go with pots, or designate certain areas of the soil for this purpose, one of the ways to brighten up your yard is with improvised tyre planters. Pretty much the only thing that you have to do is find a suitable location, fill the tyre with soil and perhaps some fertilizer, depending on the type of the plant, and you’re set to go. It is your choice whether you’ll grow the plant from the seed, or transplant a fully grown one, either way, the contrast between the artificial and natural will produce an interesting result.

Garden Furniture

If you like to relax in your backyard and have an occasional cup of coffee, you’ll need a convenient seating setup. One of the ways to arrange this is to fashion your own chairs and table from used tyres. The way you’ll do this depends on your skills and how comfortable you want to be, with chairs probably being slightly more demanding. Naturally, if you don’t insist on having a matching set and don’t want to have to put too much effort in the project, you could just go with standard chairs and simply attach a board to the tyre to have it double as a table.


If you’d like to add a little water element to your garden, tyres make for perfect little ponds. You only have to make sure to cover the lower portion with a waterproof material, or the ground will absorb the water after a while. For a bit of extra flair, you can decorate the tyre, or even introduce some water plants into this little ecosystem. If you want to really go all out, you can create elaborate patterns with adequately distributed tyres, but depending on how ambitious you are, you might need more than what’s left over after refreshing the ones on your car. You can often buy cheap tyres from junkyards, or mechanic shops, just ask around a little.


If you have kids, old tyres present you with a number of ways to make them happy. Improvising a tyre swing is one of them. Seeing how tyres can be quite heavy themselves, make sure that the base you are fixing them to is solid enough, and that you are using chains or at least a sturdier rope. You can position the tyre in two ways, horizontally or vertically, so if you decided on the latter and you want your kid to be more comfortable, you could use rope or something similar to create a nice seat on the lower end of the tyre, by binding the sides together.   


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