Decluttering Tips to Move to a Smaller Home

It is unbelievable the number of items and stuff one can acquire in a lifetime. If you are a senior who is about to move out to a small senior living community center, this might present a tough challenge trying to move all that stuff. As a result, you might need to sort the stuff out your belongings and stick with what you really need

It is not easy to let go…but you need to

It is understandable that you might not find it easy to sort out the stuff you will need to take with to your smaller apartments. So you need some help from downsizing specialists of ‘Declutter’ guys.

They will spend hours with you to sort through some of the stuff you will need. We could say that majority of what we possess in our house is either redundant or an outright trash. Maybe majority of the item outlive their usefulness and we do not realize it.

This is hard, but the truth of the matter is that majority of the stuff you might want to cling on to doesn’t have any use any longer and the only reason you don’t want to let go is because you have attached some emotions to the stuff. But since there is time for everything, it is now time to choose only few things to deal with in life.

Do not procrastinate

Since you are not going to sort your stuff out because of the emotional baggage, it is better to start now rather than later. It is time to eat that frog and get on with other things in life. The reason why many people end up not moving to a smaller house is that many of them want to wait—and wait and wait though through no fault of their own. It is difficult for them to gather courage and release all those memories. You might actually not know how difficult this is until you get into that situation where you have to donate or give away your favorite books, throw away boyhood art collections and shred the old photographs. It is harder than you think

Start small

If you find yourself in a situation where you do not know what to do, it is important to start small instead of trying to sort out your belongings in a single day. ‘declutter’ experts recommend you make it part of your daily routines—check the drawers, go through your library, release old cloths in the closet and so on. It should be an ongoing process prior to the moving date.

Sometimes there might be many challenges regarding where you can take your stuff. One option is to donate to charities. However, charities might be selective on what they take. Another option is to leave some of the stuff to your children and grandchildren. Even then, some of them may not want some stuff. Of course the other option is to sell some of the belongings. is one of the best places to auction some of the stuff if you think that there is some value attached to the items.

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