Canada Adopts Lawn Painting as Well

A lush, green lawn is something every homeowner loves to have, but in areas with scorching hot summers or climates that are ill-suited to healthy grass, it can be extremely difficult to keep your lawn looking its best. That’s why lawn painting has become more and more popular in recent times as homeowners search for an easy way to have beautiful yards without having to spend a fortune. This phenomenon has already made its way all around the hottest states of the US, and now it has started to make its mark north of the border in Canada as well.

Water is a finite resource and one we must all learn to respect; Californians have long been aware of the devastating effects droughts can have on their lawns and lands, and so it was there that spray painting lawns quickly became popular. Throughout the Californian dry season when rainfall is rare and sprinkler systems have to be limited, keeping one’s lawn looking beautiful is almost an impossible task. The same situation is true for people in various areas around Canada, including those living in Saskatchewan, for example.

A new business called Lawn Boyz has recently been set up in the Saskatchewan area, offering homeowners the chance to have a healthy-looking lawn, even in the dry season, for the low price of $250. The paint job will last for up to twelve weeks, so it can easily see you through those hot summer months. The goal behind the business is to help people maintain the appearance of their properties, while also doing their part for water conservation and cutting down on sprinkler usage all around Canada.

This system also offers a myriad of other benefits. The work is all done for you, allowing homeowners to rest easy and save themselves plenty of time and effort they would normally have to spend gardening. In addition, the water-based spray paint used on the lawn is completely pet-friendly and will actually act as a natural pest-repellent, keeping any troublesome bugs away from your lush-looking lawn. Once your lawn is fully painted, you’ll be able to take pride in its appearance and spend more time outside without being distracted by the sight of dried out grass.

The idea of spray painting one’s lawn may once have seemed absurd, but the practice has become immensely popular in the US, where the appearance of one’s property can be of the utmost importance. The practice is gradually becoming more common throughout Canada now as well, particularly in areas that suffer through troublesome dry seasons. The system won’t solve the country’s water shortage problems on its own, but it’s a great initiative and the ideal way for a typical Canadian family to cut down on their water consumption. Droughts and dry seasons are massively impacting the Canadian economy and so it’s vital for individual homeowners to do what they can to preserve the world’s most vital natural resource.

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