Big Interior Decoration Blunders

When you build a house of your dreams, you also love to weave the fabric of each fragment of its interior. It is your own creation, filled with colours of dreams. However, they can turn out be nightmares if some blunders happen in scaling, sizing, placement and colouring of the house. Now, let us see how we can avoid them.

Shop Slowly with Budget in your Hands

Plan your shopping much ahead before you aim to give final changes to your house. A single day shopping may shrink your pockets as well as it might leave you confused and stressed with the several matching and combination ideas.

Before heading toward the market to buy any of the rugs, carpets, furniture, curtains or any of the articles from the simple flower vase to the scenery on the theme wall, or from your TV to the bookshelf at the corner, measure everything.

Everything looks good with the proper dimensions; the room should look neither flat nor elevated.

Painting the walls

When it comes to painting do take care of the area of your house. The more the space, the more the tone depth it demands. Paint can lift or drop the face of your house.

It is not bad to take an expert’s help! After all what are service providers meant for? Take help of the expert interior designer who would work on your priorities and will suggest you some magical tips, which save you lot of money and time.

Arrangement with Precision

You tend to buy all cute little things to decorate your home but if they are not placed properly, they end up cluttering your house. The artwork can be placed in groupings, displaying a theme may be or a story. You can try clubbing the accessories with your furniture.

Plan before you buy fancy decorative items and avoid displaying all you can lay your hands on! It saves your money and also saves your house from looking over cluttered!

Hanging Tales

Hanging your artwork is also an art and many of us forget to look for the symmetry on the walls. The proportion of your hanging to the wall and the piece of furniture behind which it rests is the cue. The ideal distance of any hanging from the piece of furniture is eight to ten inches.

First impressions are lasting impressions. Front doors are usually not given due attention. Give them the colour you have used in your house just to introduce your house’s theme to the entrant.

One Space One Focal Point

Make it a point to give one focal point to each of the areas of your nest. Give the headboard its due attention in the bedroom, TV in the living, Dining table in dining room and vanity area in the bathroom, do not overdo on glamorizing each and every nook of the house.

Following the above simple tips you can get yourself accolades from your family and friends and above all your house will cheer you up!

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