Before Your Renovation - 6 Things to do Before You Start

Renovating projects can seem simple, but before you pick up that hammer, stop! Making sure you have all your ducks in a row before engaging on this project should be paramount in your mind. Run through this list of 6 things do to before you start home renovations to avoid problems. 

Check your Permits - Many cities have local building codes that specify what you are allowed to do to your own home. If your renovation project requires only a fresh slap of paint on drywall, you are probably okay. However, if your home renovation project includes larger construction such as knocking out walls, fiddling with electrical components, tinkering with plumbing, or especially adding something outdoors, be sure to check with your local community if you need any building permits. Nothing can be worse than beginning a project only to get fined by the city after you’ve started.

Check the Electrical Wiring - Check the electrical that could be lurking behind the walls you will be moving in your home improvement project. Determine if you can relocate the electrical yourself. If you can't, call an electrician to help you.

Check the Plumbing - The plumbing system in homes, particularity older homes, can be a strange network of pipes. Sometimes a pipe or a water line runs somewhere you would least expect it to be. Make sure you check the locations of all your water pipes before you start tearing out walls or undertaking a similar project in a home renovation. One plumbing error can swamp a home in water and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Be prepared and check the plumbing or contact a professional, like those at Amyotte’s Plumbing & Heating Ltd., before you begin.

Measure the Fixtures Twice - If you are considering adding a large fixture in your home such as a bathtub, double check the measurements before you purchase the fixture. You do not want to be all set to put in your fixture to suddenly discover it won't fit. Such a scenario may throw your renovation weeks off schedule as you wait for new fixtures. This principal is especially true for kitchen renovations when installing new cabinets.

Plan your Clean Up - Don't wait until all the waste from your renovation is laying around your home to decide what to do with it. Plan ahead and order a dumpster for tossing your renovation trash. If you think a dumpster is too much, at least have a trailer ready or a similar vehicle to take garbage immediately away. Also, as you are tearing things away remember that the bigger the pieces the easier it will be to move them around. For example, dry wall can be cut or smashed while still leaving it in manageable pieces. This can make clean up go by much quicker.

Pad your Budget - Even the best planned home renovation projects run over budget from unexpected events. Make sure you are planning a small buffer fund for unexpected emergencies during your home renovation. This can save you headache when these expenses arise.

Renovating can be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved, but making sure you are doing it efficiently can take a little more work than you think. Follow these six steps and your home renovation will run as smoothly.

*Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Meghan Belnap

Meghan Belnap

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