Bathroom Renovation Essentials: How to Choose a Proper Bathtub

Whether you are just replacing your old bathtub or doing a complete bathroom renovation, finding the right one certainly isn't an easy task. The selection has never been wider, ranging from budget-friendly tubs to posh designer spas, so it is crucial to make a careful, informed decision, as you're going to use this fixture for a long time.


Initial Considerations

When choosing a bathtub, you should first examine practical aspects, asking yourself several questions. Concretely speaking, you should find out how much space there is for your bathtub and how much money you are willing to spend on it. If you are considering a complete renovation, you’ll find the greatest number of options, but there will still be plenty to choose from if you are only replacing your existing bathtub. Even if your space and budget are limited, a careful selection can get you a more than decent bathtub, one that you and your family will love to use.



There are three basic types of bathtubs, built-in, free-standing and spa bathtubs, and you can find them both in physical and online bathroom warehouses. The first are usually installed inside of a tiled framework and are considered standard bathtubs because they are most commonly used. The free-standing option was once the only type available, but it went out of fashion when more affordable built-ins emerged. In recent times, however, we have witnessed their comeback, owing to a splendid array of styles designers have presented us with. Spa bathtubs come with whirlpool and massage jets built into them are meant for those looking for a touch of luxury in their bathrooms.



These three basic types also have several variations. The so-called "drop-in" bathtub is installed below floor level and it is more accessible than a standard built-in, as it is significantly lower. For those you have restricted space, a corner tub comes as a space-saving alternative to a conventional rectangular bathtub. In case are doing a complete renovation and can take some space from an adjoining room, you can create a snug, relaxing private nook by building a recessed tub between a long and two short walls. On the other hand, if you lack space for a separate bathtub and shower, you can enclose your tub in a shower screen and simply add a shower head.



Whatever type of bathtub you decide on for your bathroom renovation project, ergonomics should play an important part in your selection. If it is skillfully designed, even a relatively small tub can be quite comfy. You should also consider ease of access, particularly if there is someone with special needs in your home. To this end, sturdy handrails and steps are bound to make access easier and safer.



Eventually, there is a wide scope of colors to choose from. It is true to say that white is usually a safe choice as the classic favorite, but you might want to opt for a color that will complement the color scheme of your bathroom instead. When it comes to the materials used for their production, you can go for, say, acrylic, cast iron, cultured marble or even decided on a fancy wooden option. Checking different bathroom design ideas will allow you to see some truly astonishing styles of bathtubs that are available today and how they fit in different settings. While you’re at it, you can create an inspiration board, as you are more than likely to come up with great ideas of your own.

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