8 DIY Summer Project for Your Home and Garden

Oh, how we look forward to summer coming, especially after a long cold winter! Spring is in the air and we are all spending more time outside getting our summer gardens planted, preparing the yard for summer parties, and spring cleaning our homes.

One way to prepare for summer is by tackling some of these easy DIY projects to decorate your garden and home. This summer you could spend a little time creating beautiful lamps, planters, and garden decorations. Your family and friends will be amazed at how simple these are to make. Impress your guest this summer with these lights, centerpieces, and plant decorations.

  1. Design Improvised: Succulent Centerpieces - Do you happen to have some egg cups lying around your home? If not, you can find them at most dollar stores. These make the most adorable centerpieces for your garden table. If you love succulents, then you will love these egg cup succulent decorations for your summer parties.
  2. Minted Strawberry: DIY Aztec-Paint Gold and Blue Pot - If you love Aztec design, then this is the perfect project for you. Turn any pot into a beautiful planter. These planters make wonderful decorations for your home, garden, or terrace. Have fun designing and decorating your old pots this summer.
  3. Domestic Diva: Floral Summer Garden Stake - These beautiful stakes will add to your summer flower beds and vegetable garden. They are elegant and add a touch of class to any garden. What I love about these stakes is that you can reuse them again next year. This is a great summer project for all homes.
  4. Second Chance to Dream: DIY Pyramid Trellis - This is the perfect project for your tomatoes or green bean plants this summer. This easy- to-make trellis uses old fence posts and just a little paint. Have fun decorating your garden this summer with these beautiful trellises.
  5. Northstory: DIY Hanging Planter - If you’re looking for a beautiful way to decorate your terrace or patio this summer, then you must see this. These are beautiful plant hangers made from embroidery hoops. The hangers look so decorative and are so simple to make.
  6. Mad in Crafts: Upcycled Outdoor Hanging Lanterns - Do you happen to have old solar lights around your garden that no longer work? If so, this is an excellent recycled project that can turn your old solar lights into beautiful hanging lights for your garden.
  7. Sugar and Charm: DIY Cement Planters - These handy cement planters are excellent to use for planting this summer. Make a few cement planters for your herbs, salad, or other vegetable this summer.  
  8. Hello Natural: Colorful Garden DIY Lanterns - This is so amazingly simple and looks fantastic on your terrace or table. All you need is some glue, colored tissue paper and a few old jars. So start tearing and gluing this summer to make some amazing lanterns for your backyard.  

Getting your home and garden ready for summer can be fun. Furthermore, each one of these DIY projects is less than 10 dollars. Most of the materials you can find in your home. Hope you have fun creating some of these beautiful lanterns, pots, and hangers this summer.



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