7 Ideas to Spruce up Your Garden This Summer

Looking for a way to add a little life to your garden this summer? Why not get busy and recycle a few old items lying around your home and create some unique DIY decorations? The birds this summer would love a bird feeder or even a cute little home to live in. Make a few folding chairs for the kids this summer, or create unique centerpieces for your terrace or patio. You can also make a beautiful stand for your garden hose and even decorate your garden hose. Let's get to work and start a few simple projects that will add a splash of color and eclectic beauty to your garden this summer. 

  1. Recycled Soda Bottle Bird Feeder: This is a simple bird feeder that is made from a recycled soda bottle. The birds will be so happy that you thought of them this summer and you will have hours of pleasure watching the birds flock and feed in your garden. When you hang bird feeders around your yard, the birds also won't feast on your vegetable garden.
  2. Picket Fence Centerpiece: This is an adorable picket fence centerpiece that will look good on any table this summer. You can also display your picket fence on your terrace, patio, or even a bookcase in your home.
  3. Country Hose Stand: Tired of seeing your garden hose rolled up or laying across your lawn? Well, do something about this and make your hose a new stand. This is an adorable stand project that will look great placed in your garden. The stand also makes it easy to roll up your garden hose and store all your attachments for watering your garden in one convenient and beautiful place.
  4. Recycled Chair Planters: Do you have some old wooden chairs stored in your garage or shed? Why not take these chairs and make some adorable planters for your yard? These old chairs are perfect for incorporating beautiful plants around your home or garden. These chairs can add a touch of class as a unique accent to any room in your home.
  5. Decorative Garden Hose: This is one way to add some color to an old garden hose this summer. With just a little colored duct tape you can transform your ordinary garden hose into a work of art.
  6. Folding Chairs: It’s so simple to make a few personalized folding chairs for your garden this summer. These chairs are easy to store, take with you to the beach or even on a camping trip.
  7. Bird House and Planter Stand: This is the perfect decoration for any garden. These adorable bird houses are also stands for your plants. You can line your garden with bird houses and plants, add a few bird house stands to the front of your home, or decorate along your driveway. Check out these projects and get to work making the perfect addition for any garden.
Ann Johnston

Ann Johnston

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