6 Places Mould Will Appear and How to Handle the Issue

Christmas season is finally here. The only downside – the in-laws are coming and you've nowhere to hide. That's your queue to mentally prepare yourself for the long-feared visit. And by the way, they may very well overstay their welcome. But it's likely that they won't be the only ones.

Your house may become a host to a an entire army of fungi formations, like moss, mildew, mould and yeast. And quite like the visit from the in-laws, this isn't looking too good either. Something more, while your mother in-law endangers your mental health, mould puts your physical at risk. The spores can worsen asthma and cause various respiratory problems, so clear out the house before the issue is too far gone. Here are the six places where mould is most likely to appear in your house.

#1 Shower Curtain

Spending time in the hot bathtub is very relaxing indeed and the perfect way to get away from everyone nagging you. But because of the high humidity it is also the perfect breeding ground for fungi. And the first place to check is your shower curtain. The culprit's name – Aureobasidium pullulans. According to recent studies, this type of fungi can increase the severity of asthma which is unpleasant at the very least.

The most efficient way to remove the fungal colonies from your shower curtain is to wash it in your laundry machine. Simply run it through a warm cycle, add a quarter of cup of washing powder and twice that amount of bleach. Use towels to wipe it dry and remove the filth. And to prevent mould from appearing, use your bathroom fan regularly.

#2 Vacuum Cleaner

Your hoover might seem harmless to you, but in fact its bag, if not maintained properly, can also procure the perfect conditions for mould buildup. According to academic studies, almost half of all tested vacuums are contaminated with fungi. This is important because often your hoover dislodges tiny spores into the air which can get into your lungs and cause severe lung infections.

The solution to the issue is elementary – make sure your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter. It will surely protect you and your family because it traps 99 percent of all harmful particles.

#3 Toothbrush

There are up to a thousand different types of bacteria in your mouth and billions of them at any given time. Quite expectedly, when you brush your teeth most bacteria go on the bristles of your toothbrush. And in combination with the humidity in your bathroom, it becomes a hatchery for dangerous mould growth. One of the most harmful types of mould on your brush would be Serratia marcescens which can lead to respiratory bloodstream infection or sinusuits.

To prevent that from happening, soak your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide for a minute. It's also smart to keep it in a sanitizer chamber.

#4 Beneath Your Sink

No matter how clean you think it is, one of the dirtiest places in your house is your sink. And one leak can have severe consequences, starting a Stachybotrys chartrum colony. Needless to say, the place where you prepare and keep your food should be spotless so if your sink is leaking, you should take care of the problem right away.

Begin by fixing the leak. Then mix water and bleach - ratio should be sixteen to one, and spray the leaky spots well. Wait for about an hour and then scrub it thoroughly and vent it so the space dries well.

#5 Basement

Basements are quite vulnerable because most often that not they are poorly ventilated. Another common problem is that basements are easily flooded, especially if you're not maintaining your roof, gutters and downpipes properly. So if such a disaster strikes, your basement will become a hotbed for black or white mould.

To clean the mess up, use a detergent and scrub the spots well. If the job is too big for you to handle on your own, call al professional company to inspect and clean it up. But avoiding such a problem is what you should be aiming for. To do that simply get your gutters checked out and cleaned if necessary because roof and gutter leaks are the main causes for floods and water damage.

#6 Vegetable Drawer

Your fridge is also not to be trusted. It is quite easily contaminated because often we forget food in there which at some point starts to rot. And let me tell you, rancid food and high humidity is not a good combo. The bacteria that can easily contaminate the rest of the food in your fridge can cause foodborn illnesses and stomach trouble.

The solution is to defrost and wash your entire fridge from the inside using a detergent. The scrub it with a solution of 2 tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in a litre of water.



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