6 Brilliant Hacks Every Apartment Resident Must Know

Whether you have been living in apartments for several years or you are just getting into your first, there are a few hacks that can make things tons easier for you. Check out these six hacks to maximize your space, save your energy and turn your apartment into something special!

Seal Your Windows

Get a few stuffed draft snakes or simply use all-weather tape to seal your windows in the winter. This is especially true if you live in an old building. Windows are always the most vulnerable points in apartments when it comes to drafts and warm air leakage.

Retractable Line

When you want to save cash, put up a laundry line. You may think that you have no space for a laundry line in your apartment, but that is where a retractable line comes in. Set up the line in one spot of your apartment, and then put up a hook to anchor it on the opposite wall. Then you can run the line when you need to dry clothes, and let it snap back into the casing when you don't.

Get It Off the Ground

As the Wynn Group understands, there's more space than just floor space! Whenever you can, look for ways to mount things to the wall or to the door rather than letting it sit on the ground or even the counter. Put some hooks up on your wall, and in very short order, you will be surprised at how much you can hang up.

Utilize the Interior Side of Doors

When you open a door, you can see a blank back or you can see usable space! What can you store on the inside of your cabinet doors? If you space it correctly, you can neatly store everything from spices to jewelry to small loose items. A system of hooks or racks allows you to keep your home tidy and in good condition.

Pot Lid Storage

Pot lids can make things frustratingly messy. To remove the litter from pot lids, set up towel racks on the walls or even on the inside of the cabinet doors. Slide the pot lids into the brackets formed by the towel racks. The handles prevent the lids from sliding through.

Wall Decals

Perhaps you don't want to paint or there are rules preventing you from tacking things on the walls. Instead of leaving your walls blank and sterile, look for vinyl wall decals that can give your home a wonderfully personal and fanciful look.

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